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Cake Decorating Contest Rules

 Cake Decorating Contest and Sharing Rules and Guidelines

You can either enter a competition ( if there is one currently running ) or you can simply share a photo of your delicious and beautiful creations just because :-) We all appreciate it and look forward to seeing your ideas and designs. 

Your cake can be one that you made 30 years ago or yesterday. As long as you made it and you can tell us about how you did it and lend a tip or two.


Cake Decorating Contest Rules

Your story and photos must be original and cannot be copied from another source.

fun bride cutting the grooms cake

Photo by Sunny Tree's Photography

Your Write-up or Story

IMPORTANT: The content of your story is just as important as your cake photo. Please don't skimp on this part. (Your entry must be at the very least 300 words to be accepted as a page on Wedding Cakes For You)

PLEASE check the word count of your story. You may use this free online word count tool.( Copy Paste your text into this Free Online Word Counter to see how many words you have.

How To Increase Your Chances of a Winning Contest Entry

elegant wedding cake by Angel

READ AS MANY OF THE CURRENT ENTRIES AS YOU CAN TO GET IDEAS. Go to the spotlight page to see the top cakes and stories before you enter.

The main goal at is to help or inspire another cake decorator/DIY bride with our stories and cake photos.

You can have the most beautifully decorated creation but without a passionate story, that includes tips, instructions, a recipe, an idea or cake decorating techniques you will not have a chance. So don't be shy and please share something that will be helpful or inspirational to another visitor!


cake decorators
  • Tips or Advice-Tell us how you made your creation and give specifics on decorating styles, tools or tricks that you used... Example: Cake Dummies and Sugar Flowers
  • or what is the best tip that you found on this website? if any...
  • Keep it real and write as though you are talking to a friend. Let us feel your passion for baking and decorating and what it means to you. Example: Naked Wedding Cake
  • A sweet story about a special  bride and groom is  another way to go, if you have one. Example: The Purest Love


Your Photos

dummuy cake by Kimmy

A good quality photo is very important so we can see details. You can upload up to four pictures. Your entry must be one that you or a family member made and cannot be store bought.

I use picmonkey to tweak my photos. It is free. You can sharpen your pics if they are not perfectly focused, resize them and so forth.

Or you can Edit, crop and resize your pictures very easily here.  It's free. The uploader at the entry form will work if your picture is no larger than 800 pixels wide. When resizing your photos make sure that you keep the aspect ratio.

By submitting your photos, and writeup you grant Wedding-Cakes-For permission to republish, alter and create derivatives in any and all media.

Enter your Wedding Cake Photos and story.

Enter you All Occasion Cake Photos and story.Now!

Thanks for reading the cake decorating contest rules :-)

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