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Your Cake Decorating Pictures

And All Occasion Party Cakes

A continuation of the cake decorating pictures page with all occasion cakes submitted by visitors from all around the world. 

Share your pictures and stories anytime.

Click on the images of your favorites below and be inspired by the artistry and craftiness of the community of decorators here at Wedding Cakes For You.

More Photos With Stories And Ideas

Starting With Animal Themed Cakes

From Turtles to Monkeys, there are lots of great ideas to spark your creativity.


turtle cake


giraffe cake

Kimmy from New Zealand makes cakes that are so professional and beautifully detailed. Here are two examples of her fine work.

Pony Cake

pony cake

Farm Glam

farm cake

Artist & Animal Theme

cake for animal lovers

Cat In a Living Room Scene

cat in a living room scene cake

Fish Designs

The fish cakes are unique designs. It's hard to believe that the Barracuda one is not real. Maleah's grooms cake is beautiful with the blue's and green's.

Fish Cake

fathers day cake

Grooms Cake

fish cake for a grooms cake

Koi Fish

koi fish cake


baracuda fish cake

Jungle & Safari Cakes

These homemade fondant figurines are amazing.

Jungle cake by JS CreationsJS CREATIONS

 JS Creations

jungle cake
jungle cake for baby
safari cake for baby
monkey cake for baby
safari cake for a baby shower

Boys Cake Decorating Pictures

The Disney Cars cakes are pretty popular with boys right now. Here are a few great examples from some very special cake decorators. Gollum and The Dragon are so fabulous and are made by Kristi and Tanita. Read there stories and be inspired by their work.


gollum cake

Harry Potter

harry potter cake

Disney Car

cars cake

Cars Tiered Cake

Dragon Cake

dragon cake

Harry Potter Cupcakes

harry potter cupcakes


Cars cake

Lightening McQueen

lightening mcqueen cake

Finn Mcmissile

Click on the photo to see more details

Finn Mcmissile cake by Jacqui Randy Stanzel

Vintage Car

Vintage car  wedding cake

Super Heroes and Computer Games

Super heroes will never go out of style and computer games are another great inspiration for young boys.

Superman Cake

superman cake


spiderman cake

Angry Birds Cake

angry birds cake

X Box

x box cake

Mario Brothers Cake

Mario Bros cake

Mickey Mouse

Baby Shower Cakes and Toddler Designs

Adorable baby shower and little kid cake decorating pictures like the Elmo and Sesame Street. The baby shower carriage cake is one that you have to see up close. Click on the picture and see the details. Colleen Charles of Sweetcakes and Cheesecakes made the adorable pink monkey design for a first birthday. There are some truly awesome designs here.

baby carriage cake
rubber ducky cake
pink monkey cake
bathtub cake

First Birthday Cake

First Birthday Cake

Elmo Cakes

elmo cake
elmo cake

Sesame Street Cake

sesame street cake

Patriotic Designs

We even have a few good old America theme cakes that are amazing with beautiful stories to go with them.

The cakes below are special. Not only are they truly gorgeous and well done pieces of art, but the stories are so wonderful to go with them. These are a must see and read.

Marine Cake

Marine cake

Space Shuttle

space shuttle cake

Fourth of July Celebration

4th of july


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