Square wedding cake with diamond imprint

by Jen
(Stacy MN)

Satin Ice Fondant

Satin Ice Fondant

Satin Ice Fondant

I am making a square tiered wedding cake and the bride wants a diamond imprint on 2 of the tiers. I've always used a buttercream frosting for my kids birthday cakes and have never done something like this yet. What is the best type of frosting to use for this and how do you make the diamond imprints?

Hi Jen,
Fondant would be the best covering to use for making imprints on a cake. If you have never used fondant here is a tutorial at Candyland Crafts. The tool in the picture above should work for imprinting the design. Or you can use a diamond shaped cookie cutter, depending on your design.

I get my supplies from Candyland so I know they are a reliable source if you need to purchase fondant and tools for cake decorating.

Using the tool you would just press gently into the fondant as you roll it along at a diagonal. Then roll it back on the opposite diagonal to make diamonds. Practice first on a piece of fondant before you do the actual cake.

Here is the link to the
fondant and the fondant tools and accessories where you will find the embosser.

Good luck and please upload a picture of the finished cake along with a story about it or enter the cake decorating contest.

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