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Time Saving Cake Decorating Tips
May 02, 2018

Save Time While Cake Decorating

Q: How do I save time while cake decorating? What can I make ahead?

A: You can make everything ahead of time. Let's face it baking a cake and decorating can be VERY time-consuming.

Here are some tips and things that I do to make my cake life a little easier.

Space your tasks out.

Bake ahead of time and freeze. It's ok to freeze a cake. It actually locks in the moisture. (Wrap well). Even though you can store frozen cake for months, I recommend baking at the beginning of the week or a few days ahead.

Make your filling ahead if possible and store well covered. Make your buttercream ahead. Take it out and let it come to room temperature the day that you plan on frosting.

You can even make buttercream flowers ahead and freeze them. Royal icing flowers need to be made ahead and dried. The same goes for gumpaste flowers and decorations.

Have your cake boards ready and waiting. Now when decorating day arrives you will be free and fresh to create the most beautiful cake possible.

My book Wedding Cakes with Lorelie Step by Step breaks this all down for you. Here is the link to learn about my book on Amazon. wedding cakes with lorelie paperback on Amazon

NEW Recipes :-)

In my early days of baking I made this incredible luscious Ukranian Poppyseed bundt cake. It was so unique and quite delicious. I felt it was time to relive that experience, but this time as a layered cake.

This would make a very special wedding cake, or mother's day cake. The addition of my Lemon filling recipe takes it to a whole new level. Italian meringue buttercream gives this a perfect finish. Lemon Poppyseed-Cake-Recipe

Marble Cake Comeback

Rich chocolate swirled together with vanilla. The best of both worlds. Top that off with pillows of whipped cream and sliced Peaches? Sure why not. Sometimes my customers comes up with the best flavor combo's.

Also in the video are details on preparing your pans. How to swirl and not end up muddy looking. Tips on baking. And a peek at the colorful end result. Marble Cake on YouTube

Wedding Cakes with Lorelie Step by Step. It's a recipe book as well as a how-to book

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