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Providing home bakers with a step-by-step guide to help build confidence and create beautiful wedding cakes and memories that will be cherished forever.

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"I’m a hobby baker. When a friend asked me to make her wedding cake I accepted and then panicked!

After scouring the internet looking for wedding cake “how to” books I came across Lorelie’s e-books.

They were a life saver, guiding me from choosing flavors, stacking and delivery of the cake". ~Rachael Johnson Wujek~

Paperback, Kindle or e-Book

The Paperback

wedding cake book imagePaperback

Wedding Cakes with Lorelie Step-by-Step paperback book is perfect if you want to hold an actual "real" book in your hands.

Complete with detailed recipes, it also includes access to bonuses, a step by step video and a lifetime membership to our facebook community.

The e-Book

wedding cake booke-Book

Wedding Cakes with Lorelie Step by-Step e-book is the original edition and an instant download that you can read on your computer or device. Perfect if you want to get started without delay.

It has all the information and step by step photos as the paperback, with the exception of  some of the newer recipe additions. 

At checkout you can choose to add the recipe book to your order for a complete set.

Your purchase includes access to bonuses, a step by step video and a lifetime membership to our facebook community.

The files for the e-Book are stored and available through the blue Sam Cart button.

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Just want the recipes? 

Recipe bookRecipes e-Book

Looking for tried and true reliable delicious recipes for your cake making? All of my best are in this e-Book.

 (NOTE: These recipes are published in the paperback book)

"I truly appreciate your generosity in sharing. I spent a year trying to find the perfect recipes for a variety of flavors for my little side cake business, now I only use your recipes & I know the cakes will be delicious."~Tammy Robinson~

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