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Welcome to my cake decorating videos. Are you looking for a cake decorating course that begins with foundation skills? See what people are saying about my videos and watch the five minute trailer.

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your cake decorating videos and tutorials. I take some classes here at home, but what you are offering is so convenient and CLEAR in your instructions. I especially like when things aren't perfect, since in my world, they usually aren'"


Watch the Trailer for Part One of My Cake Decorating Course

What customers are saying about my cake decorating videos :-)

"Wow THANK YOU!!! for such a detailed tutorial. I'm feeling SO inspired! You are an amazing teacher. I really appreciate your little details to be successful !!"


Sheet cake with a chevron designLynn Bowmans Chevron Design Piped with Buttercream

"I watched  &  practiced. I’m doing a full sheet cake for a baby shower tomorrow.  They wanted a chevron design & I was freaking out trying to figure it out. I was happy to see your up & down zig zag design included in the course video".

~Lynn Bowman~

What is Included on Part One?

The above trailer is for Part One of a full course. (The course will be completed over the next few months) They will be sold individually as they are released. Here is what you will learn in Part One:

  • make a pastry bag from parchment paper
  • fit a pastry bag with a coupler
  • use cake decorating tips
  • practice pressure piping
  • practice holding the bag properly 
  • create straight and curved lines
  • make star flowers properly with variations and see how to use them as borders
  • pipe shell borders neatly
  • pipe large shells
  • ballooning
  • create an illusion with a zig zag border and variations
  • make small and large rosettes and use them for borders
  • make reverse shells 
  • pipe fleur de lis and use them as a border
  • make garlands and use them as borders
  • make rope borders two ways
  • make realistic leaves

Bonus: How to Make Italian Meringue Buttercream Video 

How to Make Tiered Cakes Step by Step

This step by step  video is a companion to my e-Book and paperback "Wedding Cakes with Lorelie Step by Step" You can purchase it as a stand alone and learn how to make a wedding cake or get it along with my books. Link to the books.

 "I have to tell you that you're truly an INSPIRATION!!! thanks for sharing and keep those videos coming.. You have a FAN!!!" ~Kenchuletenemos6~

 "This website is so brilliant and so generous of you! I stumbled upon it through a youtube video" ~Safia~

Vintage and FREE Cake Decorating Videos

How To Make Royal Icing For String work, Snowflakes, and more...

Royal icing is simple to make and uses only a few ingredients most of which you probably already have in the house. Use it to create make ahead flowers that harden, three dimensional pieces, lace, string work and delicate scrolls over fondant.

How To Make A Parchment Cone For Piping

Decorating cones are great to have around. They are good for quick or small jobs, like writing on cakes, making stems and leaves, piping chocolate and more. You can use waxed paper too, as I do in the video.

How To Make A Royal Icing Snowflake

 Free Cake Decorating Patterns And Ideas For Large and Small Snowflakes.

I show you how to make a pattern for your snowflakes on paper and then pipe the royal icing over the pattern using waxed or parchment paper.

Making Fondant Flowers-Specifically The Rose

You will see how to make a fondant rose (or gumpaste and the same method goes for chocolate modeling paste ) Stay tuned for a NEW tutorial on this with better lighting and a clearer view.

Finally the Stacking and Decorating a Wedding Cake in Fast Motion Video!

This is the final step of the wedding cake construction. In the video you will see how to stack and put a simple border on the cake. It is decorated simply with fresh Orchids.

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