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guide to wedding cakes
Guide to Buttercream

 Learn how to  make the most beautiful and delicious cakes. See new and exciting cake decorating techniques to WOW your friends and family. 

Become a Master of  Buttercream and Make Your First Wedding Cake 

Testimonials From Past Students

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your cake decorating videos and tutorials. I take some classes here at home, but what you are offering is so convenient and CLEAR in your instructions. "~Lynn~

Piping Skills Guide will be Coming Soon

For my YouTube live stream followers today. Feel free to download this helpful pamphlet 

Included in The Piping Skills Class:

  • make a pastry bag from parchment paper
  • fit a pastry bag with a coupler
  • use cake decorating tips
  • practice pressure piping
  • practice holding the bag properly 
  • create straight and curved lines
  • make star flowers properly with variations and see how to use them as borders
  • pipe shell borders neatly
  • pipe large shells
  • ballooning
  • create an illusion with a zig zag border and variations
  • make small and large rosettes and use them for borders
  • make reverse shells 
  • pipe fleur de lis and use them as a border
  • make garlands and use them as borders
  • make rope borders two ways
  • make realistic leaves

"Wow THANK YOU!!! for such a detailed tutorial. I'm feeling SO inspired! You are an amazing teacher. I really appreciate your little details to be successful !!"~dapennys~

"I have to tell you that you're truly an INSPIRATION!!! thanks for sharing and keep those videos coming.. You have a FAN!!!" ~Kenchuletenemos6~

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