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Most of the images used on this website are my own.  Some are not mine but are used with the knowledge and permission of the copyright owner and others have been purchased under a special license.

Using other people's images without their permission is considered theft.

I will report infringement if I discover that any of my images or the images I have permission to use have been copied from this website. I will not hesitate to report copyright violations and requesting that the offending website be taken down. 

What you may use on this site...

Some of the images on my website have a pin it button underneath them. These you are free to pin on your boards or use on a website or blog. There is a watermark on all of my images that must not be removed under any circumstance. I also require a link back to this website to be attached to the image.

Permission to use the images is not granted unless you accept these terms and your use of the images will be considered a theft.

What you can use without my permission...

You are welcome to share link back to this website from your own website or blog without permission. 

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