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"Thank you again for a terrific class.  We had a great time."

~Lisa Arasim and Olivia~

Are you looking to improve your skills ? Do you want to explore the art of baking and decorating cakes? Lorelie's cake decorating classes from cupcakes to wedding cakes covers it all in an intimate setting and small group instruction.

Learn how to make these beautiful succulents with buttercream

Buttercream cactusLearn How to make these gorgeous Cacti with buttercream

Date November 18 2017

Class is 2 hours: 2:30-4:30 

Cost $30.00 Cash or use the Pay Pal Button

Supplies to Bring

Bring piping bags 
Wilton Brand Cake Decorating Tips
Tip #81
Round tips 1, 3, 5, 12 
Large 1M star, 
Petal tips #101, 102, 104
#12 round
Star tips 14, 18, 22
Leaf #352
Batch of buttercream 
Graham cracker crumbs and or gold sugar crystals. 
Cupcakes unfrosted or a small cake already frosted

Contact me with questions. 

Our Most Recent Baking Class

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Pictured above is the latest cupcake decorating party.
Contact me to reserve your custom cake decorating event. 

Future classes are coming VERY soon. Please enjoy the videos below to see what my classes are like and return soon as I am in the midst of creating a full schedule of baking and cake decorating classes for you. 

Video of Cake Decorating Classes 

Pre Teen Class

The young ladies at  "Danbury Youth Services" observed the construction and frosting of a two tiered cake, learned important baking and cake decorating terms and decorated their own cupcakes. 

Spring Buttercream Flowers, Borders and Basic Piping

Buttercream flowers are the mainstay of decorating cakes. Your friends and family will be in awe when they are presented with a cake loaded with these pretty and delicious Daisies, Daffodils and Dogwood flowers.  

Cake Decorating Techniques and Gumpaste Flowers

 Gumpaste flower making is a skill that you will want to learn and practice. You can create amazing realistic and fantasy flowers for wedding cakes, birthday's and all occasions. Students learn how to make a realistic Dogwood flower and a Rose in this class. 

"I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot. Thank you for having us at the decorating class at your home. Lots of love"~Bhavna~

Filling and Frosting a Cake and Making Buttercream Rose

Students learn how to fill and frost a cake and make a classic buttercream rose. It is one of the first flowers you will learn when decorating cakes. They can be used on almost any design and are a must in every cake decorators repertoire. 

Valentine Designs

The heart shaped design is perfect for valentines day and for wedding or anniversary celebrations. Students also learn how to basketweave and pipe cornelli lace over the surface for a beautiful romantic effect. 

"Thank you so much for the decorating class and for teaching such great techniques in a fun way. I just loved it. The video and photos look very good. Thanks again."~Lida~

Top Culinary Schools


Find the best culinary arts school for you and search cake decorating classes all around the world.

Do you have a dream to follow? Is a cake decorating business in your future? You may want to consider a culinary art degree.

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  • Le Cordon Bleu
  • The Culinary Institute of America
  • International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes
  • Johnson and Wales
  • French Culinary
  • The New England Culinary Institute

This list is a small sampling of the many schools for culinary arts. You can find one in a city near you. Just type in the keywords in the search box below and you will see results from the world wide web right here on this website.

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