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I've always LOVED baking and cake decorating. So when my girlfriend Jane asked me to make her wedding cake, guess who jumped at the chance?

That was way back in 1984. I was so nervous I sat on a tray of  buttercream roses.!!! Jane and John's wedding cake was life changing......

Heaven's Kitchen

In this gorgeous video you'll meet me in my Connecticut kitchen.  The video also features two beautiful brides and my first wedding cake. Filmed on location at Wedding Cakes For You in 2017.

Video created by Joaquin Maceo Rosa of Gr8Reels.com and his wife Corina. Look for this gorgeous couple in the video.

Do what you love and the rest will follow

You never know where it can lead. 

I met the love of my life at Jane and John's wedding. Jane had planned it all along of course  ;-) One year later it was our turn to tie the knot.

Bride and groomMay 25 1985

Scott not only became a husband that day, he also became "Daddy Scott". We moved to California for a new beginning. 

family photoOur little family Scott, myself, Daniel and Johnathon

Our lives changed in a big way with that first wedding cake. This led to my first bakery position, which led to the first home based business. "I Do Cakes" a clever name my sister in law thought of.

I will never forget how exciting it was to receive that first cake order as an independent home based baker and the very first wedding cake I made as a professional. Delivering one cake at a time with my old station wagon was Scary!!! (but look I'm smiling)

delivering a wedding cakeDelivering wedding cakes in the old station wagon

All of that led to the most beautiful creation of all...our son Chad and a move back to the east coast where "Lorelie's Luscious Cakes" was born.

boy with frosting on his faceOur son Chad born in 1987 completed our family

The Twist

With many visits to the gym after Chads birth, fitness became another great passion.

Cakes were still on the back burner, pun intended, as I received my personal trainer certification.

bodybuiding championFitness Coaching

Fitness coaching was my new side business for the next ten years. I called it "Personal Training with a Twist". So what was the twist?

Promoting delicious, and fattening, cakes while simultaneously promoting personal training services of course.

pastry chefCandlewood Inn Kitchen 1997-2002

Cakes were still center stage as I worked as a full time pastry chef.

Amid all of the pumping iron, dance classes had ensued to help build skills and much needed confidence for bodybuilding competitions.

Once again little did I know where those dance classes would lead.

dancersTeaching a dance workshop

I began teaching and performing dance for the next 14 years as my new side job. (if you can even call dancing a job) It was way too much fun :-)

I thought this was a cake website

So where do they come back in to the story? Everywhere, in between, before and after.

brides holding cakesMini wedding cakes featured at Strictly Weddings by Lorelie

My passion for cake making never left me, although I had to leave cakes for a while. With serious neck injuries threatening my well being I couldn't continue churning out hundreds of cakes and pastries anymore. 

In 2009 Wedding Cakes For You website was born and was my way of continuing the passion for baking and cake decorating. It began with a few pages and has been growing ever since, thanks to you :-)

Whether it be dance, fitness or cakes, it has always been about building skills and confidence. That is what "Wedding Cakes For You" is all about :-) 

A Blue Ribbon and Director's Choice Award

In 2004, I was very excited when the Connecticut Chef's Association gave the "Blue Ribbon" and the "Directors Choice" award to my Middle Eastern themed fondant design. (pictured below) What a feeling of accomplishment that was.

Connecticut Chefs Association First PlaceConnecticut Chefs Association First Place and Directors Award

I am here to encourage YOU to  build YOUR skills and confidence so you can create beautiful cakes, create cherished memories for yourself, for others, and fulfill a dream.

Follow your passion, whether it be to simply bake one special cake, enter a competition or start a business. You can do it!

My Family

We have three grown sons now and four adorable grandchildren. The Church Lady is my brother in law and my husband Scott Carvey is funnier LOL. "Well isn't that special". 

Sharing baking with my grandchildren is one of  my greatest pleasures.  You can see how much they enjoy it in these video clips.

Nolan and Braden

These two are just plain silly!

Evynn and Harrison

These two are making a cake for daddy!

Wedding Cakes With Lorelie Step-by-Step

Wedding Cakes For You Website, books and video provide aspiring bakers with the recipes and steps for building skills and confidence to create beautiful cakes and cherished memories.

My ebooks are designed to help people who are just starting on their cake journey. Take a peek to see how they have helped so many cake decorators, hobbyists and professionals. 

Order a Wedding Cake

If you're in the New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts area, consider an exclusive one of a kind creation by Wedding Cakes For You. See the Gallery

My First Wedding Cake and Bride and Groom Jane and John

Jane and John's Vintage Wedding CakeAugust 12 1984
bride and groom with wedding cakeJane & John and Little Katy

"Lorelie! I am so proud of you! I can't believe our wedding cake changed your life! It truly was a beautiful and delicious cake. We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe you made this cake 25 years ago.
Love your web-site!" ~Jane~

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