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Lorelie Carvey is the creator and author of the website Carvey teaches cake decorating, baking, and also creates delicious cake and pastry recipes.

In 1985 Lorelie first fell in love with cakes as chef at a French bakery in California and currently works out of her hometown in Connecticut. She is a Connecticut Chef’s Association award-winning cake decorator and author of Wedding Cakes with Lorelie Step by  Step.

Paperback Book - 71 pages -Available on Amazon 
Kindle - 95 pages - Available on Amazon
e-Book - Available for purchase and download here 

Articles and Video

Branding Film 

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The Grand Finale ( Or The Icing on the Cake So to Speak)
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Solopreneur "Cake Fairy" Shows You How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too
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Interview at
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Photo Style Shoots 

Featuring Wedding Cakes by Lorelie 

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Every Veluz Reyes Bride is Special
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Winter Wonderland
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Make Your Wintry Wedding Truly Magical
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Sweet Valentines Day Wedding Ideas
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Wedding Cakes By Lorelie 

New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts area Wedding Cakes For You Gallery of brides cakes. 

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