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Do you have a knack for baking and decorating? Join in and share stories, ideas, designs, a recipe or tutorial. If there is a current wedding cake contest you may enter it or choose to share just because...... show the world your cake decorating skills :-)

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Ivy and her first wedding cakeIvy and Her First Wedding Cake

This is Ivy and she is only 14 years old. She has a knack for baking and decorating wouldn't you say? Her and her mom were trying to find the perfect almond cake recipe for Ivy's first wedding cake order. They had trouble with the recipes they were using and needed a little help with the construction part too. Thankfully they discovered Wedding Cakes With Lorelie Step-by-Step.

They shared this great shot of Ivy and actually called me to let me know how excited they were to have found my recipes and instructions in my e-Books. Congratulations Ivy !!!

Show Us Your Wedding Cakes!

It's YOUR chance to share one of your cake creations

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Click below to see what others have shared or entered and see what kind of comments and ratings they are receiving!

VIVA Las Vegas! 
In 2011 My dear husband, a SM Sgt in the US Air Force Reserves at the time, was deployed to Iraq for 6 months. Our nest was empty, sons grown up and leading …

My First Cake Ever For Mrs.and Mrs Grace and Megan Con-Ham at PNC Park 
This was my very first wedding cake for a true hero and her wife, who is also a world class hero. I had five days to make it, it had to be perfect. …

Peacock pride 
"I must have a peacock for my wedding cake" Those were the most terrifying words I had ever heard from a bride to be. What exactly was is thinking …

First Wedding Cake  
No to the Fake Cake I started cake decorating when I was just a teenager but never really did much until about a year ago when I decided to actually …

Avant Garde Wedding Cake - Unique and out of the Box  
Hello, My name is Jennifer Riley, Art is my life, it is my entire heart and I would be completely lost without it. It is my therapy, my happy place …

Simply Magical 
I don't have much experience with wedding cakes so this was an adventure for me. The bride didn't have a clue on what she wanted for her dream wedding …

Bling Bling Wedding Cake 
The Brides Request The soon to be bride, who happens to be an acquaintance of mine, sent me a message requesting a cake for their wedding. She …

Birch Bark Tree & Burlap Sugar Roses Wedding Cake 
BIRCH BARK TREE WITH BURLAP SUGAR ROSES WEDDING CAKE I was asked to do a rustic wedding cake. While interviewing the bride during a consult I found …

My Daughter's Wedding Cake 
A Basketweave Cake for My Daughter I have recently started taking some on-line classes for cake decorating and felt comfortable with some simple techniques. …

A True Honor And A New Cake Adventure ? 
A dear friend who lost his wife just about a year ago gave me a call to ask if I would make his wedding cake. What a joy filled my heart to be asked …

Organic Wedding Cake 
The bride and groom requested a small organic wedding cake for their June wedding. Cake Flavors After the tasting they decided on my vanilla spice …

A Cake Fit for (My) Princess 
It was December 1, 2012, and my baby sister was finally getting married to her high school sweetheart after a year-long engagement. I had done quite a …

Pink and White Wedding Cake  
A Pink and White Wedding Cake... with a very special meaning I got a call a few weeks ago from a relative who is a party planner. She was requesting …

First Wedding Cake 
First Wedding Cake Just three weeks before her wedding, my niece asked me to make her cake! It had been many years (15-20?) since I had done any decorating, …

Square Wedding Cake Surprise 
The square wedding cake surprise: I am a truck driver by trade but like to bake and make homemade bread by hand. So I volunteered to bake my first wedding …

Momma's Love 
I married at the young age of 17. My mother was very surprised but still was able to pull off a small reception for my husband and me. It was just …

Worth the Wait Wedding Cake 
A bride emailed me asking if I could make a wedding cake on short notice. Since she only had a couple of weeks before the wedding she told me her colors …

Funky and Fun Winter Wedding Cake 
I made this cake for my daughter's wedding in November. She wanted something fun funky and young, and I wanted to do something a bit different from the …

Friendship Wedding Cake 
A friend I've known for many years called me one day and said to me, "Unyime, I want to walk down the isle but my fiance and I are financially not ok right …

Rachael's Wedding Cake 
Hi Everyone I am the Lead Baker / Decorator of Addi Cakes in Freeport Illinois. I am assisted in decorating by my wife Carrie and one employee. Addi …

Rustic Elegant Wedding Cake 
This rustic elegant wedding cake was for a young couple that had wonderful taste. They wanted their cake to be a 6" round as the top of a cupcake tower, …

The Purest Love Wedding Cake 
When I was first asked to make this wedding cake I had no idea the impact that it would have on my own life. I knew from being around these two young …

A Christmas Wedding Cake 
Christmas Eve Wedding Cake Delivery A friend of mine approached me recently and asked if I would make her wedding cake for Christmas Eve. She wanted …

My first traveling wedding cake 
I recieved a phone call for a wedding cake consultation. I asked the young couple to bring their cake topper which the groom had painted. The bride …

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Diamonds and roses wedding cake 
I made this cake as the reception centerpiece for a young lady in our home town. The wedding was in JULY and without my Cake Stacker system, there is …

My First Wedding Cake 
Amazing Cakes When I was young I would always watch my sister make amazing cakes, it never crossed my mind that I could do it too. I was 49 …

Naked Wedding Cake  
Baking for me has always been a joy. From my childhood days of making mud pies with flowers on the top to baking the real thing. Just one smile or “hmmm …

Heart, Body, Mind, Soul Wedding Cake 
Roughly two years ago I started baking and decorating cakes for close family and friends. I never imagined it would grow into what it has today. A Passion …

My Daughter's wedding 
Wedding Cake for my daughter Andrea SweetCakes and CheeseCakes We began to plan this cake at about 4 months before her wedding August 25th She wanted …

Daisies and Hibiscus 
Daisies And Hibiscus A Lifelong Fascination With Decorating Cakes Cake decorating has always been something that I enjoy. I remember as a child being …

Blue Roses 
Blue Roses I have always been fascinated with cake decorating. There are so many endless possibilities. Just thinking of all …

Sand Castle Wedding Cake 
The sand castle wedding cake was for a wedding that was on a beach in Mexico. The reception was to follow back home. I assumed it would be a clean, white …

Leaning Blue Velvet Cake 
I am not a professional baker by any means, but I have loved to bake/decorate cakes since I was in high school (some 18 years ago). My mother & father …

Gift for my brother 
Gift for my brother My name is Inoka and I have been decorating cakes for fifteen years. This is my hobby and I love decorating cakes. After my …

Cake Decorating Flowers 
Cake Decorating Flowers Baking has always been a hobby. I decided to decorate cakes for my family when I was a teenager. As time has gone by I have …

A small, but mighty cake 
My client came to me because she wanted a unique cake to give her parent's as a 50th wedding anniversary gift. The Design The cake design needed to …

Whew......I made it work! 
One of my friends was getting married and wanted me to make a cake for her. When I saw the picture of what she wanted, I was nervous because I had never …

First fondant wedding cake 
Hi, my name is Teresa and this is the story behind my first fondant wedding cake. I have been baking and decorating for about 4 months now and I have found …

The Love Tree...(not too sappy) 
I'm an architect by training. I love to embody the needs & personalities of my clients into the buildings they commission. Amazingly, the same is …

Fondant Cake Decorating Dilemma Solved 
A fondant cake decorating dilemma solved! This cake was made with the help of Lorelie and the helpful comments of others on this website. Initially I tried …

Elegant Wedding Cake 
This elegant wedding cake is one of my favorites and it was a great inspiration to me while making it. A bride and groom couple came to me and asked …

Vintage Wedding Cake 
I absolutely loved working on this vintage wedding cake! It's my new favorite wedding cake design! The client gave me a few guidelines, but other …

Fall Fantasy Wedding Cake 
This fall wedding cake was the most fun cake ever, it was my first attempt at gumpaste decorations. Gumpaste Decorations I cut out each leaf with …

Camouflage Cake 
Camouflage Cake Colleen Charles Mom’s Alternate Endings When I did a consultation for this cake I had no idea what I was in for...I like to do new …

A Wedding Cake For High School Sweethearts 
This is the second professional wedding cake I have had the opportunity to make. It was for a couple of high school sweethearts that I was lucky enough …

Butterfly Cake  
My nieces butterfly cake. I am a 60 year old woman, and after being made redundant, decided to take up a hobby. I was always interested in cake decorating …

My First Wedding Cake 
This was my first wedding cake!! As I'm sure you are all aware - the first wedding cake can be pretty scary. (I kid you not - I had several dreams …

Beach Wedding Cake Bliss 
Nordy's Beach Wedding Cake Story My niece and her fiance, went thru a very rough patch to get to their special day. This trying period for them was …

Wedding Cake Delivery Test 
I made this 5 tier wedding cake for a friend of mine's daughter. She wanted these colors with roses in the tangerine and magenta colors on the top. She …

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Chocolate dipped strawberries for cake topper 
We were on a tight budget (like most people,) so my daughter agreed to let me make her cake. I had made wedding cakes for a short time when my girls …

Cupcake Tiered Wedding Cake 
I finally made the wedding cake for my friend's sister. I used the Wilton floating stand. The top tier is a 6" cake with buttercream frosting and the …

Sister Act 
A Joyous Occassion My sister, Suzanne, and I live 1,200 miles apart. It had been almost 3 years since our last reunion at our mother's funeral services. …

Chocolate Cascade 
This cake was made for a very special person in my life who wanted a different take on the usual chocolate varieties. I made a combination of half …

Outdoor Wedding Cake  
Inspiration: Our son proposed to our daughter-in-law in June 2011, and decided that an outdoor wedding would be most suitable to both of them. Having …

Pleated Cake With A Fondant Bow 
I made this pleated cake with a fondant bow and gumpaste monogram the past weekend for my cousin's wedding. It is all real cake, 6", 8" 12" and 16". …

Renaissance Wedding Cake 
Hi, Lorelie! A while back, I posted a question about how to support a 1+ lb. cake topper and you and the website community were so very helpful and …

50 cupcakes For A 50th Wedding Anniversary 
Hi Lorelie: I would first like to thank you for your orange cake recipe. I made this cake and used the white chocolate Italian meringue buttercream …

4 Tier Square Wedding Cake 
Ok girl, here it is, nothing like your beautiful cakes, but I got my cake made & delivered!!!! THANK YOU for your help!! Patti Read Patti's original …

Making A Wedding Cake With Butter Cream For The First Time 
Making a wedding cake with butter cream for the first time was a challenge but after many late hours and lots of tears my wedding cake with fondant grapes …

More Cake Than Meets The Eye 
We had quite a small wedding cake at our wedding - as it was a rather informal affair. We bought a small two layer mudcake from 'The Cheesecake Shop' …

Our Simply Elegant Wedding Cake 
Simply Elegant! Simply Delicious! My husband and I were going for the simple, elegant, and non-traditional wedding theme. We were married on a small …

My Budget-Minded Wedding Cake 
My husband and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on our wedding. We got married in my mother's lovely back yard, and I wanted a beautiful cake, but …

Say Cheese! Wedding Cheese Cake 
A wedding cheese cake? Not the most traditional wedding cake, but a luscious yummy one all the same. You see, I love (no I adore) cheesecake. …

Fall Wedding Cake 
Fall Wedding Cake By Donna I was asked to make this Fall season cake for a young couple. I can't resist anyone wanting a dessert let alone a wedding cake. …

Penguin Wedding Cake 
Hi Lorelie, I guess this penguin wedding cake was a lesson in trusting a brides dream and the wonderful ideas my niece had to include her guests in …

Vintage Chic Wedding Cake Not rated yet
I made this Vintage Chic Wedding Cake design as a dummy cake before I actually made it into a real cake and let me tell you I would have rather made a …

Romantic Cake for a Surprise Vow Renewal Not rated yet
One of my neighbors called last December and said that he was planning a surprise vow renewal ceremony for his wife with only a couple of weeks to pull …

My Eldest Sons Wedding Cake Not rated yet
My name is Ray Leger, last month's square cake contest winner. I had stated that it was my first wedding cake, to some extent it was as it was the first …

Seashell Wedding Cake Not rated yet
For many years I dreamed of making a seashell wedding cake. Then I got a call from a friend telling me she wants me to make her a beach themed cake. I …

Traditional wedding cake Not rated yet
To start off I really have to tell y'all that I just love the old school American traditional wedding cakes with the stairs and the fountains and all those …

Orchid Wedding Cake Not rated yet
I am a hospice nurse by trade but my first job in high school was working at a bakery. Ever since I have loved trying new things and was honored when a …

Cake Dummies and Sugar Flowers Not rated yet
Cake Dummies and Sugar Flowers Don't Just Dream It, Do It! I didn’t intend to get into making cakes. I have family whose 18th and 21st birthdays were …

Fudge Wedding Cake Not rated yet
This Fudge wedding cake display is one I did a couple of years back when I worked at Vandewalls Candies. I have been a cake decorator for seven years now. …

mrs daphne loughrey my story Not rated yet
I started decorating cakes as a hobby practicing on dummies. Now I am onto my third wedding cake for a friend. As I am still just starting out I asked …

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Sea Shell Wedding Cake Not rated yet
A Sea Shell Wedding Cake For A Wedding on the Beach My nephew asked me to make his wedding cake since he didn't care for the cakes that were being …

Our Elegant Wedding Cake Not rated yet
Passionate? You Be The Judge I am obsessed with Cake Decorating shows. I watch Cake Boss, Cupcake Wars, Ace of Cakes, and Top Chef Just Desserts etc. …

Country wedding cake Not rated yet
My name is Mariah, and I just made a cake for my sister's wedding. It was fun and simple to make. It is a four tier country wedding cake. I wanted to …

Ruffles and Peonies Not rated yet
This Ruffles and Peonies Cake is one of my favorites I am a self-taught cake artist out of Anchorage, Alaska and have been making cakes for a living …

True Love Not rated yet
My daughter announced to me at Christmas she was getting married on 11th April (13 weeks away) Due to the newly diagnosed illness of her future husband …

50th Wedding Anniversary Cake Not rated yet
This is my parent's 50th wedding anniversary cake and this is a story of the 50 year wedding cake in the making. I invested several months making this …

Blue Wedding Cake Not rated yet
Here I am again with yet another of my wedding cakes. This was a three tiered blue wedding cake made using buttercream. The bride had a picture of a cake …

50th Anniversary Cake Not rated yet
My daughter made this 50th Anniversary cake. Abby, loves to bake. She really wanted to make a replica of her grandparents wedding cake for their 50th Anniversary. …

Seashell Wedding Cake In Florida Not rated yet
I call this Seashell Wedding Cake Floridian Tide . A friend from work asked if I could make her a tiered wedding cake. Her wedding was on the beach …

Pink Wedding Cake Not rated yet
My name is Nickie and I consider myself a beginning cake baker. My coworkers knew I baked and decorated cakes as a hobby. I'd always tend to bring sweets …

Wedding Cake Compilation Not rated yet
Hi I did a White Chocolate Raspberry 4 tier cake with fondant for a 250 person wedding. It was my first wedding cake and it turned out great. Recently …

First wedding cake: I was more nervous than the bride!!!  Not rated yet
So after doing a few cakes here and there a newly engaged friend of mine asked me to do her wedding cake...over a year and a half ago!! I was flattered …

Handmade Wooden Cake Stand  Not rated yet
The groom takes it to the next level with our handmade wooden cake stand. We wanted a different and unique wedding cake since we both have been married …

A Smashing Cake!!!! Not rated yet
I will never forget this wedding cake story. It seems funny now but at the time it was horrifying. Working as a wedding photographers assistant, I witnessed …

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Congratulations to all of the 2013  Wedding Cake Contest Finalists!

From the Winner of the most inspiring cake:
"I can't wait to get the Cake Stackers! I have my first "big" wedding cake to do for April 30th and I have just over one hundred miles to travel to the wedding! So I was reading quite a bit about the Stackers and they sound fabulous!!!  Thanks!!!!" Winner of most inspiring cake~Brianne Duncan~

2014 Contest Entries!


IMPORTANT !!! Please read the wedding cake contest guidelines first before entering and check out the prizes.                

October Entries   

Natural Beauty

organic wedding cake

September Entries

Rays Leger's cake was chosen to win the September wedding cake contest. Congratulations Ray!!!

Square Wedding Cake

square wedding cake

Ray Leger  from (Moncto NB Canada) built an original from the ground up. When he found out that his son, who said he would never marry, was indeed going to tie the knot, he surprised him and his new wife with this amazing original design. And it was his first. Wow!

Seashell Wedding Cake

seashell wedding cake

Emmy Young of (Bena, MN) crafted a gorgeous design with soft pastels and shells made of gumpaste complete with a white chocolate dreamcatcher. She is proud as she should be, this is a beauty and it sounds like it was quite delicious.

2013 Contestants starting with the March Entries Below

39 people took the Wedding Cake Contest Challenge and Told their amazing stories! You will see all of them below

Angel Rushing from Clarkesville, GA found Youtube to be very helpful and is where she learned how to make gumpaste flowers and found the design inspirations for her fantastic wedding cake. Read her story and the all of the outstanding commentary by her avid followers. Wow!

Chalease also from Georgia entered her very sweet draped wedding cake. Her mom put this together for her on very short notice and surprised her with it's beauty and meaning. A classic story of love and appreciation pulls at the heart strings.Thank you Chelease for your beautiful entry.

fondant wedding cake with gumpaste flowers
weddng cake with fondant draping

Angel's cake was chosen because she had an overwhelming response from friends and visitors with amazing comments and testimonials. Her decoration was impeccable and her essay informative and helpful.

February Contestants

Two wonderful wedding cakes with beautiful stories were entered into February's wedding cake contest.

Unyime of Nigeria miraculously made this draped fondant cake with fondant flowers with almost no tools or resources. The challenges she faced were great, but she had a great attitude and accomplished something pretty spectacular.

Jason from Freeport Illinois also had a very heartfelt beautiful story about how baking soothed his soul after his fathers passing. He and his wife opened a bakery and named it after their daughter Addison. His cake is absolutely gorgeous and very polished and professional.

It is so hard to pick a winner, but with a little help from the facebook friends and family, I chose Unyime as Cake Of The Month.

January Contestants

Four competitors for January, and it was such a difficult decision.

Kimmy added a dummy cake with the most gorgeous sugar flowers and her story is totally awesome as usual (Kimmy has added many cakes to this website) she has also added many great tips and helped countless people with her commentary.

Angel's "Purest Love" cake and story got sooo much attention from visitors and received 37 comments in all with 187 stars. Her cake is lovely and she also added some helpful tips to her story in the comments section.

Holly Smith's unique wedding cake/cupcake display is Rustic Elegance at it's best. Holly is very generous with her tips, in fact she goes into great detail about the process of her design and helpful organizing ideas.

Angela is excited about someday opening up shop. She has a great story to tell which is very motivational and gives tips as well. 

four tiered wedding cake with red roses
wedding cake dummy

It came down to "Every Cake Has A Story", and Angels was hard to beat. The comments were meaningful, people responded the most to it and her cake is beautiful. Congratulations Angel!

elegant wedding cake display
chocolate wedding cake

December Contestants

Donnella and Gale competed for the December wedding cake contest win. Once again it was really difficult to choose. Every one of the competitors puts their hearts and souls into it and these two were very close.

Gale gave us a nice tip on making buttercream less sweet and her Christmas wedding cake is stunning!

square wedding cake
christmas wedding cake

After reading the very emotional comments from some of the readers I realized that Donnella had the winning entry. Her story affected people and it showed in the commentary. 

November Contestants

Tammy and Gale competed for November's cake decorator of the month. Both of these wedding cakes are beautiful and the stories were both GREAT. Tammy gave us a couple of good tips on curving fondant daisy flowers using a shower hanger and some plastic wrap and an icing tip for texturizing. Gale's story is full of passion and her cake is unique.

It was difficult to choose between these two as it was pretty much a tie. In a case like this I have to go to the comments and use them as a tie breaker. 

naked wedding cake
Orange daisies on a wedding cake

Gale receives the Cake of the Month award. With nine very high quality comments and 45 stars.Thank you both for sharing your remarkable stories!

October Contestants

Rebekah Sanchez and Rachel Turner competed for the cake of the month in the October wedding cake contest. Rebekah's story has a lesson in optimism that we all could use and Rachel's passion for cakes shines through. Thank you both for entering and for your wisdom.

4oth wedding anniversary cake
square wedding cake

September Contestants

Thank you Colleen and Laura for your awesome entries. Laura has been the winner for the past two contests with her very detailed work and gumpaste flowers. This time Colleen takes the blue ribbon.

Both entries were helpful and included tips and instructions, both made beautiful gumpaste flower arrangements, and both had passion and were well executed. I wish Collen had a close up shot of her cake.

satelite wedding cakes
square wedding cake with fondant flowers

I don't always pick the one with the most comments but in this case the passion of Colleens fans was overwhelming. So Congratulations to Colleen Charles!

August Contestants

As long as there are two cakes the contest is a go! Laura Leydig Maxey won again, but this time for her fountain cake with stairs and blue buttercream roses. It is a magnificent creation that she made for her daughters wedding.

sea shell wedding cake
wedding cake with fountain and stairs

Read about Julia's sea shell cake. She has a tip and a delicious raspberry filling recipe for you. Check out Laura's blue buttercream roses and incredible pillared fountain stairway cake!

July Contestants

Once again it was not an easy task to choose a winner. Thank you to ALL of the entrants for adding beauty and creativity to the wedding cake contest pages at Wedding Cakes For You, sharing your ideas, tips and inspiring us all.

Click on each photo to go to their story and photos.

Tanya's cake adventures began with a book from the Hobby Lobby and her passion grew form there.

Mariah made her sisters country wedding cake and gives us a smooth buttercream tip.

small wedding cake with fondant ruffles and peonies
square wedding cake with fresh flowers

Laura (the featured cake decorator this month) made all of the gumpaste flowers on her design by hand.

Inoka made the floating cakes for her brothers wedding and is planning on becoming a professional.

gum paste flowers on a square wedding cake
cascading wedding cake

Karlee has a thing for cake decorating shows and she made her own wedding cake.

Deanne entered a beautiful sand castle design and her story is hilarious!

elegant wedding cake with handmade gumpaste roses
sand castle cake

June Contestants

Thank you to the four competitors of the June contest. There is so much talent out there, it never ceases to amaze. Your contributions to this website are so important in making this a friendly place to visit for real information and inspiration!

Athalia made an amazing whimsical topsy turvy creation using Cake Stackers. She talks about using them and gives a couple of tips.

Jennifer submitted a small but mighty cake and her story is so fun. (She is this months featured Decorator)

whimsical cake
Unique fondant cake design

Heather made a gorgeous cake for her daughters wedding cake. This is a story of true love.

Tia's story began when her grandmother taught her how to bake and decorate. She used her earnings from the cake sales to fund her college education.

red fondant roses on a three tiered cake
fountain wedding cake

May Contestants

Thank you to all five of the May wedding cake contest entrants! It's not an easy chore to decide on a winner, especially with so many unique and wonderful creations and sweet storytelling. ALL of you and your delicious creations are appreciated by me and by the many visitors who come here for guidance. THANK YOU :-)

Patricia asked and she received. She was having some issues with fondant and got the answers right here at this website. She returns the favor by adding her tips on using sugarpaste.

Leslie used the grooms favorite flavor and the brides favorite color to inspire her unique blue theme.

Mildred created a gorgeous and very meaningful 50th Anniversary cake for her parents to celebrate their love.

buttercream wedding cake and red flowers
unique wedding cake with blue decorations
green tiered cake with lovebirds
pink and white anniversary cake

Roy added his green fondant Love Tree design to the wedding cake contest. He made his own cake stand and added some great tips for you from his experience.

Teresa created a first fondant cake for a sweet couple who could not afford a fancy confection. She adds a couple of tips about fondant decorating too.

pink and brown wedding cake

April Contestants

Thank you to all six contestants for entering the Wedding Cake Contest. All of your confections are so beautiful and everyone had a great story or valuable tips and recipes. THANK YOU :-)

Debbie's fall wedding cake has tiny gumpaste acorns and leaves. She also added her racing car grooms cake. Kimmy tells a funny story about her penguin cake. You have to read it. Its a little risque.

Fall wedding cake
Cake with penguin bride and groom
Camouflage cake
Blue wedding cake

Colleen was surprised when her clients decided they wanted a hunting theme. She made a very cool camouflage design to please. Debi says her 4 tiered blue design was a confidence builder and she plans on going pro someday too.

Fondant wedding cake

Liz gives us a chocolate ganache recipe (her secret weapon for smooth fondant) Kortney was given artistic freedom with her vintage cake design and she did not disappoint. (Her cake won for this month and she is the featured cake decorator)