VIVA Las Vegas!

by Barbara
(Ashland, Ohio)



In 2011 My dear husband, a SM Sgt in the US Air Force Reserves at the time, was deployed to Iraq for 6 months. Our nest was empty, sons grown up and leading busy lives, and I had a delimma on my hands again. What to do with my self until this deployment was over and my husband was home again?

We had faced over seas trips before, but I had always been employed full time. Most recently in a large cookie bakery in our town. The bakery closed, but another job opened up at a friend's flower shop, for a few hours per week. I had taken floral design classes a few years before so, thankfully, I was a shoe-in!

The thing I thought I NEVER really wanted to do was cake decorating. Looked messy! But the local craft store was running a special. Fifteen bucks for the first four classes! And I'd get a little certificate at the end of the ordeal! Why not? If it bombed I could always eat the evidence and nobody would ever have to know...

And so it began

Learning to bake and decorate my own cakes has been the most rewarding pursuit of my creative life, aside from being a wife and mom . I thought making nice floral arrangements for customers was as good as it could get. Made me feel great to see faces light up and happy customers leave the flower shop with a smile! Until
rhe first time I delivered a cake to my nephews birthday party. You would have thought Elvis had taken the stage at an AARP convention and yelled Viva Las Vegas!

The moms! "YOU did THIS?" "Let me HUG you!" "This is going on Facebook!" (Silently thinking: "It's a simple didn't turn out that great, did it?") but everyone loved it! Apparently, there was a need for nearly competent cake makers in our town! And the phone began to ring. "Hi Barb! I saw that cake you did for so and so, it was awesome! Would you consider doing a wedding cake for my neice? Her cake lady quit!" Etc. Etc.

Six years and hundreds of cakes later

My reluctant decision to get out of my comfort zone and give Cake crafting a chance has taken me across the country. I've met Celebrity Chefs and taken decorating classes from the Pros. And I received a certificate in French Pastry,

A confident wedding cake designer in my home town. Am I famous? Not yet!

The moral of my story?
If you think you can't succeed at cake making or anything in life you dream of doing, get out of your house, your comfort zone, and try it!

You'll be amazed at how far you'll go, how rewarding it is, how talented you are, and what you can accomplish. Have fun! And Thanks a Bunch! Barbara

**The image above was screen captured by me from my own Facebook page.


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Aug 30, 2017

by: Lorelie

I LOVE your story Barbara. Thank you so much for posting here at Wedding Cakes For You. I'm sure people will enjoy reading it and seeing your amazing cake. I also believe it may inspire more people to follow their dreams. Thank you

Aug 30, 2017
by: Kim NZ

Love Love Love your story. I too am a 'cake lady' by accident. Flowers and cakes have to be the best thing in the world to deliver if all you need is too see smiles. Making people happy - nothing like it!!

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