Cupcake Tiered Wedding Cake

by Fillo

Wedding Cake For My Friends Sister

Wedding Cake For My Friends Sister

I finally made the wedding cake for my friend's sister.

I used the Wilton floating stand. The top tier is a 6" cake with buttercream frosting and the bottom 2 tiers are filled with cupcakes.

The bride decided on a red and green theme, I used fresh spray roses to decorate. I found out that I love decorating with fresh flowers, they are just so special and pretty. The buttercream was not too bad, there were moments when I panicked because it looked crooked, but in the end it was ok.

Here is a picture of the cupcake tiered wedding cake. When I look at it it's not that complicated. The hardest thing was the pressure to make something beautiful, and the fact that it had to be put together at the last moment because of the fresh flowers and strawberry slices.

Thanks again for all your help and encouragement.

Hi Fillo, Thank you for adding your beautiful creation. It came out so beautifully. I'm glad that you found help through this website. It makes me feel very good to help people feel comfortable and confident to make a wedding cake.

As you have found out, as long as you take it step by step it's very doable. It is tricky having to use the fresh fruit and flowers as you did. Your fondant came out very smooth and pretty and I love the ruffles around the cupcakes and the cake. Very pretty and feminine.

Decorating a with fresh flowers is my favorite way to decorate a wedding cake too. Can you tell us what flavor cakes and cupcakes you made for this very special cake? and did you use homemade fondant or prepared?

I like the rose petals around the cake on the table. That is a very nice addition.

Thanks again for adding your cake to the ever-growing gallery here at Wedding Cakes For You.

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Dec 08, 2011
by: Fillo

Thank you for posting my cake picture!

I used buttercream frosting for the top tier, I'm so proud of myself for making it that smooth. It took many attempts to get to that point. I watched videos from this site may times and I kept trying. The knife dipped in hot water method definitely works, as well as freezing the cake between coats, and Viva brand paper towels for final smoothing.

The cake and cupcake are both chocolate. The cake has a pastry cream filling and vanilla frosting. People said the cupcakes are very good because they weren't too sweet.

Thank you, I like the ruffles too. I used Wilton's Tuck n Ruff ruffles for the plates. I hot-glued it to the bottom edge of the plates.

Dec 08, 2011
Fresh flowers
by: Fillo

I just want to add, I'm glad I got 2 bunches of spray roses instead of just 1. Each bunch has a lot of roses but I need similar size roses to go around the cake. I found out that the roses vary in sizes, some are still in buds, some has bloomed large. So by having 2 bunches I can choose the best ones for the cake.
I use the rest of the roses to decorate the other tiers. And the back of the cake stand (not visible in the picture).

Dec 09, 2011
Smoothest Buttercream!
by: Lorelie

Wow Fillo. I actually thought your 6 inch cake was fondant. It is amazing how smooth you got that. Thank you for adding more details about your cake, this will really help someone else visiting the site. I appreciate your contribution and I hope to see more of your cakes.

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