Chocolate Cascade

by Cheryl Reichardt
(Cape Town, South Africa)

This cake was made for a very special person in my life who wanted a different take on the usual chocolate varieties.

I made a combination of half rich, moist chocolate cake topped with a layer of double chocolate cheesecake. In between I sandwiched the layers with dark chocolate ganache. The end result was absolutely melt in the mouth deliciousness!!!!

I love to make each cake as beautiful inside as outside (like all of us!).

I prepared my flowers by making smaller daisies in various sizes out of modeling chocolate paste and little poppies, Lilly of the Valley, buttercups. They were all coloured the same - turquoise blue.

I wanted the end result to be more artistic than traditional. The colours stood out very nicely on the dark choc ganache.Around each level I placed chocolate rolled fondant balls.

TIP: Icing A Cake With Ganache-A good tip when using ganache icing: Wait until your melted chocolate and cream (1x cream to 2xchoc)once mixed are cooled in the fridge and firm enough to place with a flat edged spatula knife onto the cake. (I do not throw melted ganache over the cake and wait for it to settle) Then you dip the flat metal spatula into a jug of boiling water, wipe over the top of the cake, turning the cake as you go along, to flatten icing. The hot water on blade turns the ganache back into a smooth finish. After all the icing is smoothed out this way, take a hair dryer and slowly dry the cake and you will see a beautiful shine appearing. Very quickly you will get the result that you require and you have a perfectly smooth, shiny finish to your chocolate covering.

That is my entry cake and tip.
Hope you love it!

Cheryl, thank you very much for entering your delicious ganache wedding cake. The colors are stunning. The flowers beautifully done. And some great tips as well in your entyr.

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Oct 14, 2011
by: Kimmy NZ

I really love the colour contrast. I see in the background the decoration and it must have looked beautiful with the cake as a central feature.

Great Job!

Oct 18, 2011
Nicely done!
by: Mary-Beth

You met all the criteria/wants for your cake just so spot on-- with the colors and with the cake recipe that included a layer of chocolate cheesecake. The cake must have been delicious.

Mar 14, 2012
by: andrew reichardt. your son :)

hi mom.

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