My first traveling wedding cake

by Donnella
(Oskaloosa, Ia United States)

I recieved a phone call for a wedding cake consultation. I asked the young couple to bring their cake topper which the groom had painted.

The bride and groom arrived at my house and of course they were nervous and stressed(just like most couples). I felt how happy they were but at the same time they had mentioned how much they wanted it to be over.

I assured them that this was their time and to put all the surrounding family issues aside and take this time to enjoy each other. After all it is the reason they are at my house. Their faces brightend.

After discussing sizes of cakes, designs, decorations, delivery date, time and destination, we started preparing to decide on the cake designs.

When the groom put his handmade unique wedding cake topper on my table tears came to my eyes, they stole my heart. It was made from plaster of paris and he painted it was very sweet and so heartfelt.

Cake Delivery and a Steady Hand

This was my first out of town job.

As I was decorating I started to think that piping interlocking hearts to go with the unique wedding cake topper would be awesome. So I stenciled the design on each side. I started shaking and thought to myself how about freehanding the rest. So I did.

Now time to deliver it. I know that this town is only 30 miles away but it was a road that had potholes and big cracks and of course construction. Picture these cakes in my trunk and inside my car on the seat and my husband driving. My heart started pounding and my husband said nothing all the way.

We Arrived Safely

We got to our destination safely and there were quite a few people setting up for the grand reception. We unloaded the layers of cake and of course
the touchup supplies and put the bottom layer in place without any mishaps.

Stacking the Cake

My husband (bless his heart) helped stack the rest of the layers. As we were stacking of course there were some small repairs to do. I started to edge the layers with the frosting. Mind you the crowd got bigger watching us.

The Buzz

I put the silk flowers on and decorated around the cake on the table. When I finally put the grooms cake topper on there were camera flashes galore. Guests were congratulating me on how beatiful the cake was. The mother of bride was talking to the bride and said to the her, you would not believe how beautiful your cake is.

A gentleman walks up to and introduced himself as the photographer and he asked me if I had the shop downtown,I replied no. He said that it was the most beautiful and detailed cake he has seen.

A Job Well Done

We loaded the containers in the car and as we were driving off I said to my husband that it was my favorite cake so far but I am not doing this any more.

Well a week later the bride and groom dropped off the cake supplies and sat down with me and said, Donnella you made our day! I asked how? They said that from the time they met me until they saw my cake and tasted it they finally realized that it was their day. After they left my heart burst with excitement and tears came to my eyes.

A Confidence Booster

Working with this couple made me realize that I do a good job afterall. From that point on I have gained more self esteem personally and also enjoy cake decorating with more confidence.

So I am sending a picture of my cake and my story to share it with all of you.

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Dec 26, 2012
Rings true!
by: Kimmy NZ

Wow, this story really rang true for me and over time I have learnt to live with it and understand it. We have to remember the impact a cake has on a party, which unfortunately we as cake decorators don't get.

We think about the design as we fall to sleep, we think of the best way to do it while we live our normal everyday lives. Then we start the decorations sometimes weeks in advance if we are doing sugar flowers. Then we have 2 or 3 full days of hard work to pull it all together.

I think we stop seeing how great we did because we have lived with it for to long. We spoil our own fun thinking we could have done better.

It takes that first look from the bride, anniversary couple, Mother of the christened baby or who ever to bring us back to our reality.

If it is made with love and caring and you listened to the wants and wishes of the customer and not just the money - I don't know it is possible not to get a wow and sometimes a few tears. The feeling is why we do this!

The cake is lovely and the story even better. I would love to be a fly on the wall at the 50th anniversary when they tell the story of the lady that reminded them why they were getting married as they look at the photo of the cake.

Dec 26, 2012
Beautiful cake
by: Anonymous

Beautiful cake and story. Love the detail of the cake. Looks like it took a lot of time and effort. Definitely deserves the highest rating.

Dec 27, 2012
The Smile!
by: Colleen

That's It- the smile on their faces; that's what makes it all worth it.
Beautiful cake with painstaking detail. I have learned that it's not perfection that makes the cake, it's the effort and the love put into it. And that translates into your work. We see the minute goofs, they see 'love'.
Look in to the cake stackers system if you plan on doing more deliveries. Made a believer out of my husband and now he tells everyone how great they

Dec 27, 2012
Love it!
by: Francys- California

This is a very beautiful cake. Love the detailed design and can see you enjoy working with clients on a personal basis it shows in your work. The couple was very fortunate to meet a person like you to help them with the first step to the rest of their life.

Dec 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

That is a beautiful cake. I love the detail you put into this. You are obviously very talented.

Dec 29, 2012
Awesome Cakes
by: Gloria Van Zetten

Beautiful cake and a very touching story. You really have some wonderful cakes.

Dec 31, 2012
Emotional Inspiration
by: Amber--Toronto

I was reading your story and the memory of my husband and I came to mind. Families are just as excited about the wedding as we were. But we were also reminded that it is our day. Your cake and story brought tears to my eyes. Very beautifully designed wedding cake. Very lucky couple to have you.

Jan 06, 2013
by: Cindy- New York

Picture perfect cake. Very detailed and perfect for the first step of the rest of their life.

Feb 28, 2013
Emotionally motivated
by: Lisa-Des Moines, Ia

What a beautiful story. The couple was lucky to meet you. With every line and every curve leads to the unity of this couple. Very beautifully decorated.

Mar 06, 2013
Breath Taking
by: Anonymous

This cake is beautifully detailed and breathtaking.

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