Square Wedding Cake Surprise

by Ray Leger
(Moncto NB Canada)

Handmade Square Wedding Cake Stand

Handmade Square Wedding Cake Stand

The square wedding cake surprise: I am a truck driver by trade but like to bake and make homemade bread by hand. So I volunteered to bake my first wedding cake. It was for my son Remy who said he would never get married. Well he finally met the right person at age 30 and on June 1st he finally tied the knot with Tara.

I decided to go with a butttermilk recipe with 100 degree proof buttercream frosting. The cake base measured 46 inches with a height of 43 inches. The flower arrangements were
made with gum paste and the icing took 16 lbs of icing sugar and 12 hours to finish. It required 8 lbs of butter and 48 eggs among other ingredients.

A Few Surprises

I had setup the framing of the square part of the cake to be 3 inches while using a 18 inch square pan but to my surprise it would not fit in the oven and it was too late to find one so I went with a 2 inch instead. Another surprise was that I had to tilt cake at an angle to get it out of the house, as it was way too wide to fit through the door.

With a little patience and panic attack from my wife we got it out to the wedding reception. The bride didn't have a clue what I was baking till she laid eyes on it while waking down the isle as she had to pass by it.

Square Wedding Cake Dimensions

All the square cakes are 2 inch high by 3 inch deep and the round cake are 3 inch by 3 inch with the center being foam. The columns are 10 inch high.

Baseball Cake Made With Love

The bride and groom have a baseball teem because of my sons baseball involvement.The bride and groom are at bat under the tiers in between the pillars.

The total cost of framing and baking cake total came in around $600. It was a big undertaking for a novice but it was a pleasure as it was done with love from my heart.

Thank you Ray for a GREAT entry to the wedding cake contest. Let's here it for Ray, please leave a comment and give some stars for this amazing creation!!! Thank you :-)

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Nov 11, 2014
by: MPbusyB

Your cake looks impressive! Funny how we forget some key details like fitting it through the door. Beautiful detail and beautiful cake stand.

Jan 26, 2016
square church cake
by: Anonymous

Absolutely gorgeous! This is a job well done.

Sep 13, 2022
Bridal Wedding Cake NEW
by: Anonymous

The cake images are impressive. Thanks for sharing.

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Apr 26, 2024
Tingbakery,com NEW
by: Tingbakeys.com

Your expertise on Wedding Cake is greatly appreciated!

May 27, 2024
Ting bakery NEW
by: Tingbakeys.com

Loved the insights on wedding cakes! Beautiful and inspiring. Thanks!

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