Simply Magical

by Marcia

I don't have much experience with wedding cakes so this was an adventure for me. The bride didn't have a clue on what she wanted for her dream wedding and the only direction she gave me was she wanted a tall skinny cake with a lot of glitter. Her colors reminded me of a winter wonderland so I went with silver and white.

Gumpaste Flowers

For the flowers I decided to really step out of my comfort zone and make them for this cake. I used 50/50 gum-paste and fondant. I also added some tylose powder to my fondant. The balling tool came really in handy for these flowers. I also used the peony cutters by Chef Alan. I watched his video on making flowers a dozen times hoping to get it right. After the flowers were set I dusted over them with a silver and white mix of edible dusting powder. I wanted them to have that extra shine.

Glitter Tips

I wanted the cake to really have that glitter effect but it had to be 100% edible. I used the glitter made by Wilton. It was really easy to use. I covered my tier in piping gel and then slowly added all the glitter to the cake. I had to go over some spots a few times to get it fully covered. After attaching it all to my cake I painted over it with edible silver paint. That also helped keep all the glitter attached to my cake. I find the America Color brand gives me the best color with less paint.

The Wedding Cake Tiers

For the cake the bride chose to do 4 different flavors.
1st tier - Almond cake with apricot filling
2nd tier - Red Velvet with cream cheese filling
3rd tier - Lemon cream with blueberry filling
4th tier - Chocolate fudge with raspberry filling

Stacking The Cakes

When stacking my cakes I used the Wilton wood dowels for support on each tier along with a dowel going directly down the center of the cake. I wanted it really secure with transporting.

Ruffling Fondant

One of my favorite parts of the cake was the bottom tier. I had a lot of fun with the ruffling technique. For this I watched several videos to help me get started. I found them on the internet. One trick I learned to make it easier to achieve the ruffle is to roll your fondant paper thin, plus that helped with the weight of it. It took a long time to finish this tier but in the end was well worth it. The ball tool was my best friend, that and a lot of patience. After the tier was completely dry I used my thinnest paint brush and went over the edges with edible silver paint to give it a little more detail.

In the end I was pretty proud and happy with the cake and most important the bride loved it. It's a great feeling when you create something that makes someones day even more special. I can't wait to learn more techniques and create more cakes. I am really grateful for all the people who share their experience and tutorials that help us along the way.

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Nov 02, 2015
Thank You Marcia
by: Lorelie

Marcia Thank you for paying it forward by sharing your gorgeous wedding cake and tips on how you made it. The flavors sound amazing too! Keep up the great work and you will make a lot of brides and grooms happy on their special day :-)


Nov 07, 2015
by: Donna

If this was your first adventure at making a wedding cake I'd like to see what happens after years of you making them! This is stunning, nice work!

Jan 03, 2016
Gorgeous Cake
by: Pretty Penny Cakes

Thank you for sharing your venture, the detailed description was very helpful. Your cake flavors are very creative too.

Oct 05, 2016
wedding cake
by: Anonymous

congrats on your wedding cake looks awesome //did you cover your chocolate cake with white fondant as well

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