Camouflage Cake

by Colleen Charles
(Clarklake Michigan)

Camouflage Cake

Colleen Charles
Mom’s Alternate Endings

When I did a consultation for this cake I had no idea what I was in for...I like to do new things and this one was 'the one'. The bride and groom are avid hunters and wanted a cake to reflect that theme. I had done some research and truthfully couldn't find one camo cake that I liked, and they liked the one that I liked the least! It had bears and twigs and camouflage edible image.....

Edible Image

So we decided on Mossy Oak Breakup for the edible image, deer, elk and moose- the rest left to my imagination. Lemon cake on the bottom with lemon filling, buttermilk chocolate with chocolate mousse middle and blueberry cheesecake for the top. Oh, hunter orange for trim; that was hard for me to do; not my color. Lol

Cake Connection

First stop was Cake Connection in Jackson Mi. to ask about the image. Darrin was really nice and didn't laugh too much at the picture. He said camouflage weddings were popular-in the fall and winter. He found the image and told me to call him when I needed it and helped me measure the cakes. Dianne (his wife and owner) was teaching a gelatin flower class so he helps out.

Thank You Ebay

My second stop was Michaels and I asked if by chance they had any deer around from Christmas. She said "NO", rolled her eyes like I was crazy, and walked away... thank the goddess for EBAY. I found what I needed there at a decent price and ordered Elk, Moose, Doe, Buck and a Fawn.

Gum Paste Leaves

Next I started making gum paste leaves and painted them in fall colors. They took about
2 weeks to really dry well. Tried my hand at twigs and tossed them. Didn't really want them anyway and I won't put fake plastic stuff on my cakes.

Homemade Antlers

Then I came up with the bright idea of making antlers to rest against the cake. My friend had some from his woods for me to use as a guide. It took me 3 tries before I got a good set. They kept breaking at the middle right at the end when I would paint them. 3rd time was the charm (with some glue help) and I thought I'm done with this brilliant idea. Everyone thought they were real and made the cake.

Cheesecake Dilemma

When I was putting the cake together the night before I found out my blueberry cheesecake wasn’t cooked on the bottom and I had to remake it at 9pm. My husband’s fault, he kept distracting me that Monday and I wasn’t watching the timing. He took the day off; just to bug me, I swear. He wanted to go play golf and kept asking when I would be done…..and you think when the kids are gone=peace. LOL

Tree Trunk

Decided I couldn't stand the idea of 3 layers of Mossy Oak Breakup edible image so I asked the bride if I could do something different on the bottom and she said fine. So I made the bottom layer like a tree trunk. I was very proud of my work. The next lesson is don't ask your husband for an opinion cause if he doesn’t agree with you-he's wrong period!!! He told me my tree trunk was too round...

They loved there camouflage cake, and said it looked phenomenal, and tasted great. I'm on to my next challenge.

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Apr 24, 2012
Awesome Cake
by: Andrea

Beautiful and tasty cake! Everything the bride and groom wanted. I can't wait for her to make my Calla Lily cake this August! Definitely deserves to win!

Every cake Colleen does is absolutly amazing! They cake melts in your mouth and the frosting is to die for.

Apr 24, 2012
Looks Tastey
by: Lucas

Colleen makes some very delicious desserts. Her cheesecakes are the best I have ever tasted. This wedding cake makes me want to devour it and then go hunting. She will always have my business. She also does my hair, I call her Superwoman.

Funny :-)

Apr 26, 2012
by: Angela

Beautiful wedding cake!

Apr 26, 2012
by: chris

I love this cake! So original!

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