Momma's Love

by Chalease

I married at the young age of 17. My mother was very surprised but still was able to pull off a small reception for my husband and me.

It was just a small get together so I didn't want anything too fancy. I told my Mom, who had been decorating a few cakes for the past year to just make whatever she wanted.

A Fondant Wedding Cake Surprise

At the time she wasn't really decorating with fondant so I was very surprised when I showed up to the reception and there was this beautiful cake with fondant drapes and hand made fondant roses. It was the most beautiful cake I had ever seen and I was so excited it was MINE!

What an Impression

I was really impressed and so was everyone else at the reception. I asked her if it was hard to do and she said that it took her nearly 12 hours. I never knew that cake making could take so long but I was thankful for all her hard work.

Cutting The Wedding Cake

When it was time to cut the cake I was very proud to stand beside the cake not only because I was standing next to the love of my life but also because my own mother had made the cake and spent all that time making it. After we cut the first piece and started serving it, our guests could not believe how great it tasted, everyone was bragging on how good it was.

Mom told me that it was just a box mix but I agreed with everyone else that box mix or not it sure was good. Looking back at the picture of the cake now I appreciate it even more because I knew she was working almost 80 hours a week at the time she had to make the cake and plan a reception.

My Reason For Entering This Wedding Cake Contest

Since then I have had a beautiful little baby boy and she has made his baby shower cake and birthday cakes. I have entered this contest in the hopes of winning something for her so that I can pay her back for all the hard work she has done for me.

I Love You Mom!!

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Apr 12, 2013
The love of a mother
by: karen cantrell

This cake is absolutely beautiful. I love the detail in the roses and the drapery. This cake is so elegant and the flowers look like actual roses. This story is beautiful and I hope the best to you and your husband.

Apr 12, 2013
5 Stars
by: Anne

You are sweet to do that for your mom. The cake is beautiful. Hope you win for her! 5 stars from me.

Apr 20, 2013
5 stars
by: Anonymous


Apr 08, 2018
by: Danya

There is no love like a mom's love. And it is beautifully expressed in this cake.

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