Friendship Wedding Cake

by Unyime Williams
(Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria)

A friend I've known for many years called me one day and said to me, "Unyime, I want to walk down the isle but my fiance and I are financially not ok right now. We are doing it anyhow, so we would like you to help us start our lives together". I asked her what she wanted me to do and she said, "Would you bake our wedding cake even though we can't pay you?".

No Oven? No Problem!

I was dumb founded because I was just about 3 weeks into cake baking. I have not done proper training, I have no tools, not a mixer or oven. But then, I saw the request as a challenge. So I said to her, "no problem, I'll do it." I went home, made a list, and prayed to God to give me money to sow into the lives of these young people who decided amidst financial difficulty, to marry.

After a few days, I came into money that was supposed to be for my school fees. I decided to use it to bake my friend's wedding cake. I also had decorating tools to worry about. I have a friend who has a mixer and an oven.

After baking the cake, all I had to do was decorate the cake I used a rolling pin, a cutting wheel, a star cutter and a smoother.

The Design

Since the bride had left the design of the cake to me to decide, I knew I had to create something on my own. So I sat down and thought of what I could design with almost no tools and bare hands and this design came into my head.

An Expression Of Joy

The beauty of this cake is not in the look alone, but also in the fact that I was able to contribute to those young people's lives. On the wedding day, I could see the expression of joy on her face. Two weeks after the wedding, she called me and told me that her husband landed a good job. And then she said to me, "You contributed to our happiness".

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Feb 12, 2013
Love Cake
by: Colleen

This cake 'oozes' girly and love. What a beautiful story and it goes to show you,if you need it, ask the Universe and she will send it to you! Good luck with your cake baking and good things come to those that need it.

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