My First Cake Ever For Mrs.and Mrs Grace and Megan Con-Ham at PNC Park

by Debra Bruni
(Lower Burrell)



This was my very first wedding cake for a true hero and her wife, who is also a world class hero.

I had five days to make it, it had to be perfect. I was terrified, never used fondant before, never made gum paste flowers, (never made a wedding cake!)

TIP: PLAN, PLAN AND PLAN SOME MORE... So 2 months ahead I had a tasting, then another, finally I had it planned! So I researched the INTERNET, read books and magazines! The brides wanted the bottom layer to be yellow cake with Boston Cream filling, next tier: white cake with chocolate covered strawberry filling, next: banana cake with chocolate mousse filling, and finally a simple almond cake with butter cream mousse...then Butter cream frosting over all four tiers. White fondant for all layers and gum paste roses hand painted with rainbow colored pearl dusts.

Tip: I used easy Wilton rolled fondant as a first timer, rolled the large one out, laid it on.

Tip: I used you-Tube videos for technique and I watched them over and over till I felt confident, same with the roses and leaves. I used cut outs and wire, then put each rose together, at least I could practice with the roses, as with the fondant it was a (one and done!)

OK, so I made the roses...Painted them.. made filling, put all aside. Used various recipes for the cakes/fillings that I found in various places. First batch in trash, too much baking soda! Second batch perfect, cooled holed and ready to assemble after this point there wasn't any stopping...roll out fondant, used fondant large rolling pin and used it to roll out and for rolling on top of the cakes, PERFECT!

Bought a stand at Michael's on sale plus a 40% coupon,it was $120.00 paid $66.00. Alright so this four tier cake needed to be assembled white lace trim on each layer, home made traveling boxes again(You Tube) plus one for the top tier for the brides freezer and one year anniversary!

This cake had to be delivered 25 miles from my home to the famous PNC park in Pittsburgh on the North Shore Pa, assembled, with rainbow colored roses trailing down in the right order of a rainbow...again (one and done) and WALA A PERFECT WEDDING CAKE FOR A PERFECT COUPLE...DID I MENTION I WAS THE MAID OF HONOR AS WELL...I WAS SHAKING THE ENTIRE 5 DAYS!!!


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Jul 03, 2016
First time perfection
by: Susan

I was so happy to read how much time and effort you invested in this beautiful cake. Sometimes I feel I go OTT with research but you prove my theory, you can never research or practice enough. An absolute credit to you . Your clients were surely delghted ?

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