Fondant Cake Decorating Dilemma Solved

by Patricia Dalton
(Wellfleet, Ma 02667)

A fondant cake decorating dilemma solved! This cake was made with the help of Lorelie and the helpful comments of others on this website. Initially I tried to make the black fondant ribbon by coloring my own fondant. I found that the black gel coloring bled very badly onto everything.

And so it was Lorelie to the rescue. She recommended using pre made Satin Ice Black fondant. The dark colors are much more stable in the commercial products. I could not find the Satin Ice in black but was able to get a product called Cal-Java through Pheil and Holing. It worked very well with almost no color bleeding. It also rolled out easily and tasted good too, since it was chocolate.

I was able to apply the black fondant band and refrigerate the cake the night before the wedding thus taking one stress factor out of the delivery and set up. There was no problem with the black color transferring to the white buttercream.

Another suggestion from Colleen on the website was to make a modeling clay out of Wilton candy melts, using one package of the candy melts and one third cup of corn syrup. She said she had used this in the past with no color bleeding and it could be refrigerated too. I bought the candy melts and will try it next time.

The cake itself was one layer of chocolate with a chocolate mousse filling, a middle layer of yellow cake with a white chocolate mousse filling and a top layer of both chocolate and yellow cake with a white chocolate mousse filling. The
frosting was white buttercream made with a Swiss Meringue recipe.

The decoration was simple fresh red rose petals with small black and white fondant roses in the center and a black fondant ribbon boarder.

Fondant Cake Decorating Tip

A tip on applying the fondant ribbon to the cake is first, of course, to let your butter cream harden in the refrigerator. Then after you cut your fondant strip for the border, roll it up carefully, wrap it in plastic and refrigerate it until it is firm. It is much easier to unroll it and apply it to the cake when it is cool.

For light colored fondant you can lightly dust the strip with corn starch before rolling it so that it won't stick together when you try to unroll it. For the black fondant I rubbed the strip lightly with Crisco before rolling it up. That worked fine. It did give a shine to the fondant, but the bride wanted a satin ribbon look anyway.

If you have to apply the ribbon border at the venue the rolled ribbon can be put in a zip lock bag and kept cool with an ice pack.
The wedding was held at The Red Inn in Provincetown, Ma. It's a beautiful setting for a wedding, overlooking Provincetown harbor.
Fortunately they had a perfect day for the wedding weather wise too..sunny and in the seventies.

So all went well and the cake was a success thanks to all the help I got from this bleeding fondant.
Thanks to everyone

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Patricia's question with Lorelie, Collen and Debs replies

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Jun 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

Wow this cake looks so beautiful.I would order it for my wedding!

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