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Wedding Cake Supplies

And Recommended Cake Decorating Tools

Find the best wedding cake supplies for cake decorating to make beautiful cakes for any occasion. Having good sturdy tools on hand at all times makes your work a pleasure.

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My Recommended Equipment List on Amazon


Get warehouse specials on Amazon. Click the blue Kitchen Aid mixer.


Tappit Cutters 

Watch the short demonstration on how to use Tappit cutters to make beautiful lettering for you cakes.

Link to the video on YouTube

Click the images to learn more and to purchase your set. 

Lower Case

Upper Case

New Russian Piping Tips

The Russian piping tips make gorgeous cupcake decoration. Here are some examples of the flowers you can make with a batch of buttercream and a set of Russian Piping Tips.  

NOTE: THE CHEF CHER brand in the video is no longer available. There are many brands to choose from. They are all very similar to the one shown here.

Link to the video on YouTube

NEW Star Wars Silicone Cake Molds

I LOVE these Star Wars silicone baking, candy and ice molds. I used them to make my Star Wars themed birthday cakes for kids and adults. The R2 D2 was made using the molds. 

Click the image on the left to learn more and purchase your set.

A Good Heavy Duty Mixer

I love my Kitchen Aid Mixers. I still have an older four quart model from 1985 and a new five quart model as well. They are built to last.  

 For your convenience there are links to each product that will take you directly to what you are searching for. 

Wedding Cake Supplies Caddy

Organize your wedding cake supplies and cake decorating tools

Stay organized with this cake decorating supplies caddy. A good sturdy organizer is really important. I have one of the really old Wilton organizers and still am loving it thirty years later. 

Cake Decorating Turntable

The metal turntables will last you a lifetime

Of all of the wedding cake supplies the turntable will be one of your best friends. Purchase a high quality one. It will last a lifetime. I highly recommend the Ateco or Wilton cast iron revolving stands. I have both.

Pastry Bags & Couplers

Piping bags are essential

Watch my video to see how to prepare your bag for the coupler and the tips. You'll want to have at least two or more of them if you do a lot of decorating,  so you don't have to keep washing and exchanging icings. 

Link to the video on YouTube

Cake Decorating Piping Tips

Have all of the basic cake decorating tips on hand and in various sizes. 

The ones that I use the most are the

  • star
  • shell
  • round
  • rose
  • basket
  • leaf

You can always add fancier ones to your arsenal of wedding cake supplies as you hone your craft.

Link to the video on YouTube


The combs are wonderful. They add a quick professional and pretty decorative look to any cake very easily. Although the plastic ones work fine, the metal ones are sturdier and easier to clean. There are three sides, each with a different pattern.

You can see a demo of how I use the comb by clicking on this link and going to my YouTube channel video. The video shows an ombre cake using a comb in various ways to make a pattern on the sides of the cake and to blend the colors. 

Parchment Triangles

Pre-cut parchment triangles are really nice to have on hand with your wedding cake supplies. Instead of having to cut them, it's very convenient to just grab one and make a quick decorating cone.

 They save a lot of time and are not expensive. But if you don't want to get the pre-cut parchment or you don't have parchment paper in the house you can use waxed paper.

Here is a video I made that shows how to make a cone with wax paper.

Link to the video on YouTube

Frosting Spatulas

A set of good quality icing spatula's are crucial

An offset 7 & 3/4 inch spatula and a larger straight 14 inch spatula are the two sizes I use the most and would recommend. Experience will tell you which ones are your faves. A smaller one comes in handy too for your smaller projects.

Flower or Rose Nails

Use the nails when making roses, daisies and other frosting flowers, then remove and place the flowers with scissors directly on your cake or freeze and add them later. Here is a video that I made to show you how to make a buttercream rose using the flower nail. 

Link to the video on YouTube

Cardboard Cake Circles

The cardboard rounds are essential when making cakes. They support and allow you to carry your cakes from refrigerator to the counter and back with ease. They have other uses too. 

When filling your cakes use them to separate layers when filling and frosting. If you start making a lot of wedding cakes you will want to buy these wholesale. You don't want to be hand cutting them. There is a point where you buy wholesale. You will know when that time arrives :-)

Cake Boxes

Your wedding cake supplies closet should contain boxes. It's a nice touch to leave a cake box for the bride and grooms top tier. Glue your business card to the top and put a few inside the box too. 

Eventually you will want to get these wholesale as well and in a variety of sizes. 

Cake Bases

Silver foam cake drums. Use these to support your entire tiered masterpiece. You can also make these yourself by gluing three cardboard rounds together and then covering them with silver foil. They don't look quite as nice as the drums, but you will save some money. Fresh flowers along the bottom of your cake will serve as a cover as well. You will need  glue gun and glue sticks to make your own.


Wooden dowels are used for internal supports and to hold the entire cake together. Use one larger dowel to go through the center of a stacked cake from top tier to bottom tier. Always have a few of them on hand, they are very inexpensive and you can get them at any craft shop or lumberyard. Use a pencil sharpener to make the point on  the end that goes through the cakes.

For an alternate method of support check out my page about Cake Stackers.  

Round Pans

Get yourself two of each pan size for efficiency 

Have at least one of each of the following sizes to work with if you are planning on making wedding cakes, two pans of each size is ideal, it will make your job a lot easier and more economical in the long run. For example for 125 people you would purchase 2 each 14-10-6 inch pans. 

Square Pans

Square pans are good to have on hand

Most likely you will not get as many orders for square cakes, so you can get away with waiting until you do get that first order. One of each size is always handy to have around though when doing cakes for a hobby or for a living.

Wire Whisks

Must haves

You will need at least one hand held whisk for baking your cakes and making fillings, frosting and whipped creams. Buy a good quality one and it will last a lifetime.


A triple sifter is nice to have on hand. But the hand held basket ones are great. I use those mostly for sifting flour and cocoa.

Measuring Cups & Spoons

A good set or two of these is an obvious must for measuring flour, sugar and other dry ingredients.


A candy thermometer is really important if you plan on making meringue buttercreams and certain types of sugar.


Make sure to have a variety of rubber spatulas for scraping bowls, folding ingredients and stirring. I use mine a lot.

Cooling Racks

These are nice to have to cool your cakes and can be used for cookies too.

Pastry Brushes

Have a couple of these on hand for brushing syrup onto your cakes when needed.

Parchment Circles

Pre cut parchment circles are for lining your pans and really nice to have, but you can cut your own if need be or if you are just starting out. When you do a high volume it becomes more important to have this convenience.

Fondant Roller

There are various rolling pins to consider. The marble one on the left would be perfect for rolling fondant the conventional way. I recently started using "The Mat" and a silicone rolling pin and I love it. You could also use a hard plastic one like the white one pictured to the right. 


There are many brands to choose from. I like Satin Ice. You can also make your own fondant from scratch. Here is a traditional recipe and a marshmallow fondant recipe. 

Gumpaste Flower Tools

A gumpaste fantasy flower tutorial is on of my most popular videos on YouTube. They are simple to make,  unique and don't require wiring. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more gumpaste flower tutorials, including the wired Daisy, Stephanotis, Dogwood and more fantasy flowers like this one.

Here are two of the mats that I use the most. The leaf impression and a flower impression. 

Cake Stacker's 

The Cake Stackers metal internal support system is fantastic, especially for larger sizes.  I highly recommend these for greater security especially during the delivery process.

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