Valentine Cakes 

valentine cake with bride and groom

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I am proud to announce that my Valentine Cakes are now featured at Wedding Chicks. Thanks to Jen Weller owner and CEO of Ever After Bridal who asked me to participate in her whimsical romantic style shoot which took place in Stamford CT. at Abigail Kirsch at the Loading Dock.

A sweet candy coated confectionary delight was desired for this very colorful Valentine's day theme photo shoot and it was beautifully photographed by Aida Krgin Photography. You can see the full blog post with the two dazzling brides and oh so handsome grooms at Wedding Chicks.

You will also see some very sweet ideas for a cake table including shimmering rock candy cupcakes, delicious glitter donuts and pink macaroons. 

Short But Very Sweet Video

From the photo style shoot

Rock Candy Cupcakes 

Don't you just adore these very simple and glittery rock candy valentine cupcakes. Here are a few tips if you would like to try making these. You can buy rock candy on a stick at most party or candy stores. Using a firm surface (such as a cutting board) cover the candy in a clean linen and strike with a hammer until all the pieces are removed from the stick. You can then sprinkle them over the frosted cupcake or dip the cupcake into them. I also added a bit of dark pink glitter as a contrast to the white and soft pink colors. 

Cupcakes and roses

Candy Stripes and Hearts Perfect for Valentine Cakes

When designing this cake I used the pastel colors of conversation hearts with a touch of gold which you can see in the close ups of the cake. It all came together with the addition of candles, candy, desserts and flowers by Earthy Elegance

Valentine Cake Table

Up Close & Personal

You can see the shimmer of the gold lustre dust in between the colored stripes. The icing is the royal icing recipe, which you can find here, and is fabulous for covering dummy cakes, piping flowers and making snowflakes. After the icing dries, paint on your colors using paste food coloring that has been diluted in clear extract (or use vodka). The idea here was to make it patchy with imperfections.

Close up of a wedding cake

You can really see the detail of the cupcakes here. These were real (and I hear they were enjoyed by the crew after a very long day).


The Vendors who took part on this amazing photo shoot are:

Thanks again to Jen Weller and her entire crew for a truly great experience and awesome photographs.

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