Pink Wedding Cake

by Nickie Darrington
(Rock Hill, SC)

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

My name is Nickie and I consider myself a beginning cake baker. My coworkers knew I baked and decorated cakes as a hobby. I'd always tend to bring sweets to work that I would make for them to sample and enjoy.

A lady working with me was getting married and told me well in advance she wanted me to do her cake. This would be my first wedding cake for an actual wedding reception.

Pink Wedding Cake

I was nervous and excited. It was a small wedding cake, which was great. I asked questions as to what the bride wanted and she told me as long as it had pink roses and the flavors were chocolate and strawberry, it did not matter.

Cake Flavors

So I did a simple 2-tier wedding cake, chocolate and strawberry cake with fresh strawberries in the batter, buttercream frosting and fresh pink roses for the accents and cake topper.

The Cake Design

The bottom was strawberry and the top chocolate. Simple and elegant. It was two layers for each tier with buttercream in between the layers. I used a basic shell border, larger tip, and placed the flowers on the either side of cake.

I used a scroll design on the bottom and outlined with round tip #12. The last name initial was "B" and the first letter of her name started with a "C" and the first letter of the grooms name was an "A". These were done freehand out of MMF (Marshmallow Fondant).

The couple was very happy at how it turned out. I knew it was delicious because all of the bottom tier was gone and the mother and father of the bride ate the top tier while she was on her honeymoon!

Thank you Nickie for your Absolutely Gorgeous Pink Wedding Cake entry and a nice story about your first time. I guarantee it will not be your last :-)

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