True Love

by Heather Stubley

My daughter announced to me at Christmas she was getting married on 11th April (13 weeks away) Due to the newly diagnosed illness of her future husband and a very uncertain future the wedding was brought forward and we had very little time.

I had never done a wedding cake let alone one of such importance. Their day had to be just perfect, there was enough trauma in their life at the moment.

In England our wedding cakes are very rich fruit cakes, which are made months in advanced and laced with brandy weekly. I was confident with the baking of the cake and the adding of the brandy but I did not know long before the wedding I could marzipan and ice it.

My biggest worry was completing it too early and it bleeding or drying out, or on the other hand leaving it too close to the day and with over 80 guests that I was doing the catering for, putting myself under too much pressure therefore spoiling it.

With the help of Wedding Cakes For You web site I was able to complete it to my satisfaction five days before the wedding.

I had lots of advice and help from Lorelie and it was beautiful. A fab day, a very happy couple and a wonderful cake Thanks Lorelie .

I Learned a Lot

One of the most important things that I learned was that the bottom cake board had to
be covered in icing. I did this by rolling out the ivory sugar paste and then I used a flourish patterned rolling pin which gave me a wonderful result. I then rubbed in some iridescent pearlised dust and finally I added a burgundy and gold ribbon along the upright edge of the board.

Between the layers and in the centre of the boarder flowers I used gold balls to decorate and bring in the gold theme. This also filled in any gaps between the layers.

All the ivory and burgundy roses were hand crafted and interspersed with ivory and burgundy feathers, to match the table centers which were crystal swans with burgundy roses and feathers.

Solid as a Rock

The thing I was most worried about was placing the dowling between the layers to both stabilize and support, but with a little thought and pre planning I was amazed at how easy this was.

Because each of the layers was on a thin cake board I decided to sharpen both ends of the dowling which enabled them to pierce the boards and the cake. Not a problem putting it together, and it was as solid as a rock. I was so relieved.

Room Perfume

All I had to do now was keep it somewhere cool and safe for the next five days. After much thought it stood on the chest of draws in our bedroom covered with a clean white cloth. A great room perfume.

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