First wedding cake: I was more nervous than the bride!!!

by Sil

First wedding cake...feel like I have graduated!! LOL!!!

First wedding cake...feel like I have graduated!! LOL!!!

So after doing a few cakes here and there a newly engaged friend of mine asked me to do her wedding cake...over a year and a half ago!! I was flattered and resisted but decided that the challenge gave me a goal: get good enough to make her cake. She was fine with the risk of this being my first wedding cake!!

So after a year of accepting almost every cake challenge thrown my way, reading, surfing the web, reading this web site!!, and practicing...the day arrived.

I planned planned and then I planned. I underestimated some time and capacity on the covering of large tiers with 1 solid sheet of fondant and had to go to plan "B". (A sheeter would make a great Christmas gift right?) This reality of Plan B came at 4:30am Saturday morning and the delivery was scheduled for 2:30pm....tick tock! So a few minutes of a meltdown later, plan B was in full swing.

My square 8-10-12 tiers with 3 layers each were covered. I managed to squeeze 2 hours of sleep in (7am-9am) and a shower and adrenaline kept me rolling! 2nd big realization...I cannot lift this cake with more than 1 tier on the board. EEK. Prepare "kit" to bring to venue...11am. (Need coffee...but need to pick up flowers) 12pm get flowers from florist...bring home, open and realize most of the orchids are broken...YIKES! Fix orchids with...???? tape? no. don't think so...ROYAL ICING!!! YES!!!!

Worked but now it's 2pm, I have enlisted delivery help and we are off! Get to the venue to discover the cake table is not level. 20 minutes later and the (now unhappy) head waiter has repaired the tilted mess. Phew. Assemble cake on newly leveled table!

Stand back. Take picture. Wait for reviews! (PS:Call from the Bride on Sunday: bride was very happy!!) PHEW!! I survived.

Congratulations Sil!!! What a fabulous First Wedding Cake. I hope it's not your last :-)

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