Romantic Cake for a Surprise Vow Renewal

by Cindy
(Moore, OK)

Purple and Silver Ornament Topper

Purple and Silver Ornament Topper

One of my neighbors called last December and said that he was planning a surprise vow renewal ceremony for his wife with only a couple of weeks to pull everything together. He knew that I was a cake designer and asked if I could help him design something special. So, we got to work!

The only plan he had was to use purple and silver since those were the colors that they had used on their Christmas tree for many years. (so romantic!) He liked my oval shaped pans and said that he wanted to use pearls somewhere on the cake. We decided that he would sneak three ornaments from their tree to use for a topper and then pick up a few miscellaneous items from the Christmas isle. I ended up with a sack full of ribbon, crystal ornaments, and the purple and silver ornaments from their Christmas tree.

After baking the cake and covering it with snow white buttercream frosting, I spread everything onto the counter and started creating. First, I cut a piece of heavy wire, shaped it into a heart and wired one of the crystal ornaments onto it. I hung a silver heart shaped ornament that was sneaked off of their tree from the top of the heart. I decided to lay the two purple ornaments from the tree in front of the heart. A white doily was placed under the topper to prevent purple glitter from getting on the frosting. After bordering the top layer with a silver ribbon and bow, I hot glued a brooch shaped ornament to the bow. There was a beautiful large hanging crystal ornament that I was determined to use somewhere. I decided to simply lay it across the top layer and let it hang over the edge. Perfect!

My neighbor picked up the cake on the way to the church and his wife didn't suspect a thing. I heard later that she was totally surprised and loved the cake.

Cindy Thank you so much for sharing this pretty and very romantic cake and story. It's quite beautiful. This may be the first "vow renewal creation" here at the website. I hope you don't mind me also sharing it on Facebook.

It is so elegant. I love the silver ribbon and the Christmas adornments too.

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