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Country wedding cake

by Mariah Keehn
(North Judson, IN)

My name is Mariah, and I just made a cake for my sister's wedding. It was fun and simple to make. It is a four tier country wedding cake. I wanted to create a wedding cake that fit the theme, so I decided to make a rough natural looking whipped icing look to fit the country theme.

The flavors were -
6 and 12 inch cakes were -banana
8 in was - white
16 in was - chocolate

I used buttercream icing for the middle of each layer and the final layer. The trick to getting a cool whipped icing look is to frost the top then with your spatula take the icing and just whip it on there. And It gives it a cool natural effect.

I used fake wild flowers to accent the whole thing. I was trying to figure out what kind of flowers to use, real or fake, and I decided on fake because wild flowers might have more pollen on them than regular roses. So I used fake wild flowers.

For the bottom tier I used a white hard plastic plate. I did that so that I could have an inch or so to be able to have flowers all the way around the cake.

I tried to find a cute but awesome cake topper that fit the theme, and I think I did. I found two wooden shaped hearts with the names and date on them !

A quick tip for making delicious buttercream icing. When it is time to add the powdered sugar add a little powdered sugar then add a little milk , and do this step until all the powdered sugar is gone and the end product will be so creamy and amazing!

So I hope you enjoy the tip I gave you and happy baking !

Thank you for taking the time to see my Country Wedding Cake and read my story.

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