Blue Wedding Cake

by Debi Hallowell
(East Springfield, P.A.)

Here I am again with yet another of my wedding cakes. This was a three tiered blue wedding cake made using buttercream. The bride had a picture of a cake similar to this in hand when she asked me to create her dream cake.

I baked the cakes and set out on this very scary decorating venture. I had never used fondant before so the bride said to do it in buttercream.

I Iced all of the layers with regular buttercream. Two of the layers had to be a bright royal blue. It took some doing but I was finally able to reach the desired shade of blue, using Wilton's royal blue paste color.

Wedding Cake Design

Then it was time to tackle the intricate piping on each layer. I just took my time and tried to mimic the designs as closely as possible. What a complicated project this turned out to be, but the Bride and Groom really LOVED how the it turned out. AHH success ! So glad that one was behind me.

The flavor was traditional white cake. I used a boxed mix. It was enjoyed by all and much admired. A lot of wonderful comments on this one!

Confidence Builder

As a result I gained a few more customers, Gratitude of a young couple just starting their lives together, and as an added bonus the experience of doing a complicated design.

What a great confidence builder making this blue wedding cake with scroll work was. Wouldn't trade that for the world! I also did the Grooms, sisters wedding cake. Most of the cakes that I do are for people that I work with or for family.

Cake Decorating Business?

My love for baking and decorating is currently just in the hobby stages. My goal is to one day own a small business of my own! The bigger the challenge the more I want to push myself to do even bigger ones!!!!

Cake decorating business questions and answers.

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