Cake Decorating Contest Fundraiser

~Every Cake Has A Story!~

Thank you to everyone who entered and donated to Icing Smiles :-)

This contest is now over, but you can view all of the entries below.

Your cakes are special! They make people happy, are beautiful AND taste delicious!

Give one of your creations the attention it truly deserves! Write about it! ALL the juicy details.

Be as CREATIVE as you wish.

Don't be shy, and please do not think that your cake isn't fancy or good enough :-) We all have to start somewhere. Your cake is MAGIC to someone especially to a child! :-)

Your Passion is what is most important when sharing. We appreciate your joining in  :-) Anyone who makes cakes can join in whether you do it from home for fun or as a small business. 

Icing Smiles Logo

This Cake Decorating Contest Fundraiser is a Benefit For Icing Smiles Organization

A non profit volunteer based organization that connects families with children suffering from critical illness. Volunteer bakers all around the world bake dream cakes for the child and or a family member bringing smiles to so many little faces.

The contest will remain ongoing until the goal of 100 entries is reached.....ALL proceeds go to Icing Smiles

GREAT Prizes !!!

Grand Prize $250
From Wedding Cakes For You

Lorelie Wedding Cakes For You

2nd Place $50 Gift Card
From Candyland Crafts

Candyland Crafts Logo

Everyone receives a PDF copy of
"Wedding Cakes With Lorelie"

Wedding Cakes With Lorelie Ebook

Bonus Prizes from Wedding Cakes For You ZAZZLE Shop

Cake Decorating Apron by Lorelie

Cake Decorating Contest Fundraiser

#1. First make your donation of at least $10.00 per entry. You can enter as many times as you like. You can donate as much as you like.

Please help by either donating to this cause and entering your creations, spreading the word about this event, or simply make a donation.  You do not need a Pay Pal account to use the Donate button.

THANK YOU :-) All proceeds go to Icing Smiles.

#2 Subscribe for Updates

Enter Your E-mail Address
Enter Your First Name (optional)

Don't worry — your e-mail address is totally secure.
I promise to use it only to send you Cakes with Lorelie .


YOUR Challenge

  • YOUR challenge is to enter a cake with a great story or helpful cake decorating tip IMPORTANT: Your stories need to be at least 300 words to be accepted. (or very close)
  • Receive as many comments as possible to win the prize and help spread the word about this important event and organization.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Read some of the entries below from the 2013 cake decorating contest fundraiser and the newer ones form this contest to get an idea of what a page should generally look like. Each story is unique. There are no rules about what you write. Just have fun and speak from the heart!!!

The only rule is the story needs to be at least 300 words to be accepted.

If you should have any questions or problems uploading photos I can be reached very easily by email through the Contact page. Thanks again for taking the time to join in and keep the smiles going.

Read All Of The Yummy Delicious Cake Stories & Rate and Comment on Your Favorite

Click below to see the beautiful cakes and stories. The winners will be chosen by the number of comments they receive. The IP address can and will be checked for all of the comments to assure that the same person does not repeatedly comment.

Never Give Up  
When doing a wedding cake there is always a little extra pressure. I want to make sure I make the bride happy because it's her big day. I always listen …

Little Blessings Cakes and More  
My name is Rebecca and I am from a small town in PA. My husband and I lost our son on Feb 1, 03 .... He was just 9months old. My heart was broken …

A Chef When I Grow Up... 
A Chef Party My 5 year old's FAVORITE play pastime is pretending to cook. When her birthday came around, she requested a "Chef" party. Many Intricate …

30th Birthday Cake 
A Classy 30th Birthday Cake My client requested a special 30th birthday cake for her and a friend's party. She wanted a Christmas theme since it …

Owl Wedding Cake 
A UNIQUE DESIGN I was asked to make delicious cupcakes and a mini Owl wedding cake this summer. The color theme was robin blue, so I had to incorporate …

Ocean Cake 
By the time I took on the challenge of this ocean cake, my husband and I had completed a few free-hand painted ones already. Every time he paints he is …

Japanese themed hand painted cake 
CAKE ART So, I married an artist. My husband has been involved in studio arts since he was a child. He even attended college to obtain an art degree. …

An Enchanted Cake 
CAKE THERAPY I feel baking and decorating cakes is like therapy for me. I zone into what I am doing and just love it. It is a creative outlet that …

I Love My Job 
My name is Cheryl and I am a stay at home mother of two. In February of 2013, I voluntarily left my corporate job of 10 years to pursue a new career of …

A Cascade of Love 
A CASCADE OF LOVE & SUGAR ROSES Those of us fortunate enough to have experienced Grandma's love will know what I am about to pen down here. It's …

Cake Decorating Flowers  
Gum Paste Flowers I made this cake for my very special friend Sabhia who had an open heart surgery and was in a lot of pain. When I found out she …

Penguin Cake Holiday Fun  
HOW IT ALL STARTED I have always loved baking. All through junior high and high school I took every home economic and cooking class they offered and …

Blanche The Sea Turtle Cake 
Intro To The Birthday Girl Laurel, our friend's little girl, is quite an amazing person. Each year I'm excited to see what theme she chooses for her …

My First Wedding 
I have only been decorating cakes for other people for about 2 years, and I had been waiting that whole time to make a wedding cake. So when my friend …

Happy Easter Cake  
I made this Happy Easter cake for Gabby a little over a year ago which was when I was only a year into this new hobby called making cakes. Sweetness …

The Congo Not rated yet
I have been honored once again to make a cake for Theresa's House. Out of my home based business I made a simple vanilla cake. I filled it with fresh …

Memories of Icing Not rated yet
When I noticed Wedding Cakes For You was hosting this contest to promote Icing Smiles, I felt it was the right-time to share my story. I first-hand completely …

Vintage Wedding Cake Story and Tips Not rated yet
I am a home baker and have learned to make cakes by trial and error. I have taken classes for the past two years and spend a lot of time on the internet …

Frog Prince Cake for Our Princess Not rated yet
I made this large sculpted frog prince cake for our princess/ granddaughter's 4th birthday last year, with matching Lily Pad cupcakes. How I Made The …

The big one that “DID NOT” get away Not rated yet
This fish cake was for my husband’s 50th birthday party. His favorite thing to do in his free time is to salt water fish for “Striped Bass” My goal when …

Thank you 2013 Cake Decorating Contest Entrants

Thank You to all of the 2013 contestants who donated to Icing Smiles and took the time to tell all of your wonderful stories.

2013 Fundraiser

"The people you reached through the promotion of the contest is immeasurable! And we thank you for your support and going above and beyond to put together this contest!"
~Cher Bork~
Development Manager Icing Smiles, Inc.

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