The big one that “DID NOT” get away

by Kim Rathbun
(Mansfield, Ma. USA)

This fish cake was for my husband’s 50th birthday party. His favorite thing to do in his free time is to salt water fish for “Striped Bass” My goal when I started making this was to make it as realistic as I could, and to the actual size of a keeper bass.

Well when I brought this surprise out and put it on the table all his fishing buddies rushed over.

Here are a few of the things I heard them saying.

"Did you just catch it and put it on a board?”


“That’s amazing ”

“We shouldn’t cut into that”

At that moment I could see how proud my husband was of me, I realized I just may be good enough to sell my cakes.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Kim and I have been making cakes for my family and friends on and off for 4 years now. In 2009 I took my first Wilton cake decorating class at the local Michael’s craft store along with my niece Ashley. We loved it so much I ended up taking all the courses they offered over the next few years.

When it came to the gumpaste / fondant classes I was in heaven, I just loved it. I went crazy and every time a coupon came out I would run right out and get a new "toy" to add to my collection of cake decorating tools.

To start this fish cake I made three chocolate sheet cakes measuring 18x12 and froze them. In the mean time I googled pictures for the fish and then carved the layers into the basic shape of the fish while frozen, adding more length on the tail end to get a total length of 27 inches.

To give it dimension I cut shaped pieces out of fondant such as – lips – gills – all fins and the eye. I used a spoon to give it the scales on the body. I then (with one of my new tools) air brushed it. This was my very first design I ever air brushed.

Kim Rathbun

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