Memories of Icing

by Sherri
(Exeter, Ontario Canada)

When I noticed Wedding Cakes For You was hosting this contest to promote Icing Smiles, I felt it was the right-time to share my story. I first-hand completely understand how Icing really can create a positive memory during a difficult time.

My Journey Back

It was July 1 2012. I don't remember a thing, actually I have lost many memories, a solid month before and a solid month after as well as the moment I first met my children and the day I married my husband. I had been involved in a catastrophic accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

I began my incredible journey of struggling to remember and empowering myself to believe in each and every day. What I did start to remember is creating cakes. It was from memories of icing that I started to focus on becoming me again. I previously enjoyed decorating and teaching cake decorating with my mother in our family run bakery.

When I went off to college to pursue a degree in business and marketing, I supported myself by working part-time as a decorator in two local grocery store chains.

Sweet Memories

Now it’s almost like starting all-over again. I am focused on my business and my wonderful, amazing clientele. And with each cake, my memories come strongly back and my skills grow once again! I am grinning just thinking about it.

The warmth and pleasure it gives me to provide those smiling facing with such a wonderful, edible memory is beyond words.

As I begin my cake journey, I am experiencing wonderful new flavours in cakes. I remember fondant and gumpaste as the “new comers” on the cake scene. Now I meet Swiss Meringue Buttercream and Red Velvet Cake. This is a long way from crusting buttercream and the Devil’s Food Cake that I so remembered.

I also have so enjoyed meeting, sharing and growing within my loving cake community on Google+. I look forward to continuous healing, strength and growing confidence. And of course in passionately spreading icing with lots and lots of smiles.

Hats off to the Magic Power of Memories.


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