Never Give Up

by Rebecca Bourassa
(New Milford PA )

When doing a wedding cake there is always a little extra pressure. I want to make sure I make the bride happy because it's her big day.

I always listen closely and take lots of notes to be sure I get everything just as the bride and groom want it. But there is always that little thought in the back of my mind... what if she does not like it or if the color is wrong or worse yet it falls.

A few years back a friend of mine referred a lady to me for a wedding cake. She knew exactly what she wanted a 4 tier white cake with small detail work and real flowers down the side. Very simple yet beautiful. The lady was very nice and she even wanted a grooms cake as well with one tier on a stump and leaves down the side.

Delivering The Cakes

The morning of the wedding I got up early and finished her cakes. My husband and I loaded everything up in the SUV. Usually when I leave to deliver a cake I say a prayer for safe travel and to get their safe. It was about a 20 min drive so it was not too far to go.

About 10 minutes into our trip there was suddenly a big water truck pulling directly out in front of us. I slammed on the brakes and swerved to the right. When the car came to a stop my husband and I looked at each other and grabbed hands, we couldn't believe we were ok, but the we both yelled CAKE!

I looked behind and I knew that the cake went all over the car. We hopped out and opened the back and I knew their was no fixing it. My heart sank I could barley breath, I knew for sure the bride was going to be devastated .

No More Wedding Cakes Ever

As I drove to the drop off place I cried uncontrollably. I couldn't believe it. I told my husband I would never ever do a another wedding cake again. When I went into the venue the bride wasn't there. She was getting married. The caterers were there getting things
ready and they helped me to bring in the grooms cake. Luckily that was still good and didn't have damage. The bottom tier I was able to fix and the top tier we set out.

Everyone was hugging me saying its okay things happen. I went to my car and wrote a very long letter apologizing to the bride and I put her check she wrote me in with the letter. I went home and was so disappointed and said "I will never do a wedding cake again, ever, I can't believe I destroyed someone's wedding". I beat myself up so bad about it and was going to stop doing something I enjoyed doing because of one accident.

A Visit From The Bride

Three days went by and I heard nothing from the bride, but on the fourth day there was a knock at my door. It was her. My heart sank I thought for sure she was there to kick my butt. I nervously let her in, we sat at the table and before any words could be spoken I busted out in tears. She stood up and hugged me and said please don't cry it was a cake. we are just glad you and your husband are okay.

Never Give Up

She handed me an envelope and she said "when I met you I knew you were a soft kind hearted person and that you were much more upset with yourself than anybody" She said that she knew she had to come in person and tell me not to let this one accident stop me and for me to get up smile and keep making beautiful cakes.

Keep On Smiling

I was so happy she wasn't upset with me but the words she spoke reminded me of my personal life. With all I've been through, I pushed through it with a smile I didn't give up on my sons when things were falling apart. Lesson learned, stuff can happen. Cakes may fall but don't let it stop you. If anything let it motivate you to do better. Keep doing what makes you happy ..

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Feb 25, 2015
by: Anonymous

Really nice cakes. You are very talented. I love the wedding cake and great story. Never quit making cakes. You are very talented.

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