Frog Prince Cake for Our Princess

by Charmagne Pearson
(Battle Ground, WA, USA)

Our Princess

Our Princess

I made this large sculpted frog prince cake for our princess/ granddaughter's 4th birthday last year, with matching Lily Pad cupcakes.

How I Made The Frog Cake

Mr. Prince is made of Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake layered with Dark Chocolate Ganache, iced in buttercream then covered in fondant. The feet, legs, eyes, mouth and “warts” are hand sculpted from fondant which can be rather flavorless or taste like play dough so I flavored the fondant with lime candy oil.

The crown was hand cut and sculpted from fondant flavored with lemon candy oil and brushed with some gold petal dust for shimmer. The Lily Flowers sitting on their Lily Pads are also sculpted from fondant flavored with the candy oils. His Highness is sitting on a lavender, marshmallow flavored fondant covered pillow of cake.

The Original Vision Of His Highness

I had envisioned a petite, fit, regal frog prince sitting on a lavender puffy pillow surrounded by the lily pad cupcakes, however, once I stacked, filled and started sculpting the handsome prince, he quickly turned into a roly, poly bull frog! So of course, the pillow had to increase in size to support his girth. Viola! Enough cake to feed a wild pack of frenzied preschoolers hyped up on soda and pizza and their families!

Our granddaughter and her parents were eating left over cake for the rest of the week.

My Little Taste Tester

When Our little princess visits us, she always wants to help bake or sculpt cake and loves to play with her own fondant and her special fondant modelling tools while I work with mine, side by side. If I need a taste tester, she’s first to volunteer!

Maybe if I started so young, I wouldn't have had to stumble and learn from my mistakes along the way! Perhaps our granddaughter will grow up to love working with sugar and be an Icing Smiles Volunteer baker, too!

Thank you
~Charmagne Pearson~

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