The Congo

by Holly Fredrickson, Take the Cake
(Brandon, SD, USA)

King Protea flower

King Protea flower

I have been honored once again to make a cake for Theresa's House. Out of my home based business I made a simple vanilla cake. I filled it with fresh sliced strawberries, crumb coated it with vanilla buttercream, covered it in white modeling chocolate petals and finally dusted the petals with petal dust.

To Steam Or Not To Steam

I debated about steaming the cake but changed my mind. Modeling chocolate is chocolate so it is waxy. Usually I steam as it sets the petal dust so it doesn’t come off. It also darkens the color a bit as well. This is a method I use when making my gumpaste flowers or anything that I cover in dust.

I also steam my fondant creations to melt off any extra powdered sugar and help set any decor. It adds a shine but it fades after it dries.

I Got Bit By The Cake Bug

I started my little cake business as a side to my home based freelance graphic design business. I got into making cakes to help out a friend many years back. She noticed that the area we lived in needed a cupcake and cake shop that was more up to date with their design. So with a lot of practice I helped her start her business.

She has a kitchen and store front in the same building that she shares with her husband.....a dentist. Ha ha. He gives out cupcake and cake coupons to his clients and she hands out tooth brushes. Got to love it! I since have moved away and still have the cake and cupcake sugar in my blood. So here I am with my own business.

What is Theresa's House?

You may be asking what exactly is Theresa's house? It is an orphanage for girls in the Congo. Theresa from Theresa’s House is a native. During a war in her country she fled to the United States. After many years she went back to visit and saw the devastating
effects of the war and the four million orphans.

With Gods help she decided that an orphanage was needed and with the help and support of her family, friends and the church here in Sioux Falls South Dakota she started to build that dream.

A Home For The Orphans

She rented a home, hired staff and took in as many girls as she could. The girls receive a place to live, food, education and are taught how to live on there own. They sew, garden and learn how to sell there products.

They are only allowed to live in the orphanage until age 17. During their stay Theresa visits when she can, looking for any living relative of the girls. If they are found she does her best to reunite them.

In some cases the situation is not in the child’s best interest. Poverty and abuse are common. Last year they had to leave their rental home and have been blessed with a home that they were able to purchase. They now have many fruit trees and more space for play and gardening.

All donations go towards the girls, staff, supplies, home expenses and home repairs. It costs a little over 1,000 a month. If I am remembering correctly there are about 15 - 20 girls that are in the Theresa’s House care.

A Cake Auction

Once a year in Sioux Falls Theresa with her friends, family and church put on a fundraiser. They ask for cakes to be donated that are auctioned off. I take this time to be creative. They also sell each table or seat for a meal and then enjoy the cake purchases. The girls also have items that they have made for sale as well. A short program of the orphanage progress and entertainment from the local college is also part of the evening activities. Theresa is ever grateful to God and any and all help that her orphanage receives.

Please look up and consider a donation for such a worthy cause.

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