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1950's Style
July 16, 2021

Beautiful Vintage 1950 Cake

It's been many moons and I hope this finds you well and breathing easier after our recent release from lockdowns.

I will keep this brief because I want to get straight to the fun parts, which naturally include cake decorating.

Here is the latest of many tutorials and entertaining videos at Cakes with Lorelie YouTube Channel. Click the photo of Scott and I for some 1950's dinner party fun.

Old School Cake and Party

The NEW Website

The WEBSITE has been undergoing a facelift. The face lifting continues because there are hundreds of them, more like thousands when you dive into all the Q&A and stories from visitors from all around the globe. Home Page

The RECIPES can now be printed directly from the pages!! Check it out on this page. Confetti-Cake-Recipe

My book is still available through Amazon. If you buy a copy let me know so I can tell you about the perks! It's also available in e-book and Kindle formats. Contact me if you have any questions regarding the book. The Contact info is at the bottom of this email. Wedding-Cakes-With-Lorelie

NEW! The newest product is The Buttercream Guide and the Wedding Cake Guide. I created them to answer all your questions and give you access to me for extra help. For a limited time the price is super low. Grab them now. They are yours to keep once you buy them including any additions I make to them.

Check out the amazing Testimonials from my customers on these pages and the trailer for each. Its pretty new concept . I think you'll love it!


Buttercream Guide

Zoom Classes are in Session

I would like to extend an invitation to you to JOIN in my Zoom Classes. We do one a month. It's 34.99 per class or join through my YouTube Membership program. It's only $9.99 / month for special YouTube perks and behind the scenes recipes and an additional $10.00 per class. You save $14.99 per class and get the perks too.

You Tube Membership Join Page

Cake Decorating Classes

Livestream on Tuesdays at 10:15 am

Tuesday at 10:15 am EST I go live on YouTube. Bring a cup of coffee and lets chat. I will be sharing preparations for cakes for the week and doing Q&A at the end of the demos. I would love to get to know you better and the livestreams really bring us closer. Its great fun.

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Wedding Cakes For You Provides Aspiring Bakers with the Recipes and Steps for Building Skills and Confidence to Create Beautiful Cakes and Cherished Memories.

Here's to enjoying time in the kitchen creating beautiful cakes and unforgettable memories.



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