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"Your e-Books have proven to be priceless and all your recipes spot on. Probably the best investment anyone interested in cake baking could make!!! Thank you so much."~Liz Davis~

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happy customer holding wedding cakes with Lorelie step by step book in printSherri
happy customer holding wedding cakes with Lorelie step by step book in printIrene
happy customer holding wedding cakes with Lorelie step by step book in printAdriana
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"Such a wonderful informative beautifully printed and illustrated book! So happy to have this". ~Beth Stophel~

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"Every serious baker should have this book and the others you have. So much great information in all these pages". ~Adriana Jorge~

"It looks fabulous! I'm such a huge fan of cookbooks in general and this is the first and foremost wedding cake cookbook in my collection! Thanks, Lorelie" ~Anna Harding~

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wedding cakes with lorelie step by step ebook and video packageThe full package comes with everything including a membership to the Exclusive Facebook baking and cake decorating group.

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The Full Package Includes...

  • Wedding Cakes With Lorelie Step-by-Step "The e-Book" or the "book in print". 
  • Lorelie's Best Cake Recipes In Extreme Detail with Charts
  • 6 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Starting A Cake Business 
  • Wedding Cakes With Lorelie Step-by-Step "The Video"
  • A Lifetime Membership to The Facebook Cake Support Group 

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A Little Bit About My e-Books, printed book and Video

three tiered cake

For the DIY cake maker or professional baker with a thriving business...these e-Books and my video have been developed and formatted with everyone in mind. They include:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to bake, construct, decorate and deliver your cakes
  • Access to accompanying recipe videos and tutorials on YouTube – providing you with visual guidance each step of the way
  • Recipes with full color pictures

  • Bonus e-Book with tips on starting a cake business
  • High definition step-by step video from oven to decorating table

More Than JUST Recipes...

Every detail of the most popular cake recipes from Wedding Cakes For You are included in this comprehensive e-book. PLUS your most frequently asked questions are finally answered. 

What is so special about it?

Lorelie's best cake recipes ebook

These are the EXACT RECIPES that I have baked for my brides for over 30 years in commercial as well as home baking with great success. 

This very detailed e-book is the result of many hours of measuring, testing and writing. I hope it will help you as much as it has helped me. It has become MY favorite baking and reference guide now :-)

  • SUPER Organized
  • EASY to Follow guessed it...
  • Extremely Detailed (see below)

Here is what you get

  • My method for freezing, crumb coating and frosting
  • Links to corresponding video tutorials 
  • Your most frequently asked questions with detailed answers
  • Each recipe converted to grams and ounces 
  • Each recipe multiplied up to six times
  • Pan sizes, servings and batter amounts for each recipe
  • Suggestions for the best pairing of filling and frosting flavors
  • Emergency substitutions

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About The Step-by-Step e-Book

These are My Tried and True Methods!

This METHOD for making wedding cakes is one I have been using since 1985. It is simple and it works! 

What is Included?

Lorelie's cake book

Each and every step from stocking your pantry all the way to delivering your masterpiece with confidence is included with full color photos. 

  • A list of supplies and tools
  • Baking and cake decorating terms with definitions
  • Steps with photos from baking to delivery
  • The top 3 best cakes with filling and a meringue frosting recipe
  • An exclusive coupon from Cake Stackers 

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e-Book & Video Bundle

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OPTIONAL: You can purchase the Step-by-Step e-book individually for $24.99 if you choose to at this link. NOTE: Buying the e-Books or video individually does not include access to the private group. 

About The Video 

Follow me as I make a beautiful  wedding cake from scratch. You will see the entire process from baking to decorating. 

The video can be watched on your television, computer screen, laptop or iPhone and will show you step-by-step how to...

  • Make the batter and bake your layers
  • Test for doneness
  • Wrap and refrigerate or freeze
  • Fill, frost and crumb coat the tiers
  • Construct the tiers with dowels 
  • Finish and decorate your amazing creation

Here is what people are saying...

" Just watched your companion video to your books and I thought it was awesome!   The stacking part was most helpful to me.  You make it all seem so effortless!  "

~Tammy Lapenta of Buttercream Beauties and Sugar Bouquets~

"Wonderful video you are so pleasant, calming and reassuring and a joy to watch!!!"

~Sherri Ferguson Riehl- Make A Wish Cakes~

"Thank you Lorelie, it worked perfectly and enjoyed watching the video, very informative

~Customer Susan Quigley~

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Buy the Package and Receive An Invitation To The Private Cake Support Group

You will be invited to join the EXCLUSIVE Facebook Cake Support Group where you can get help 24/7 from myself and others who are interested in the business of making wedding cakes, baking and decorating. Groups can be invaluable and a great resource for all of us!!! 

chefs making a wedding cakeExclusive Access

Read What Claudia Says About The Group...

Pretty girl~Claudia~

"I really love the group and the interaction, thanks for connecting us all and being a great person. I hope we all will be here for a long time and share and learn from each other. You and the ladies over here really rock " 

~Claudia~ new group member who entered the group in May 2016

Still Not Sure?

I am so confident that you will benefit from these e-books, my video and the group that I guarantee your satisfaction 100% or your money back and you keep it all as a gift! Read customer reviews.

I Want To Save You Time And Money!

The bundled e-Books & Video are by far the most economical choice. They will be your go to guide every time you bake. The details are supreme and designed to answer all of your questions.   

e-Books & Video Bundle$34.99

You will literally have all the knowledge and recipes you need to make the best wedding cakes you can possibly imagine, right at your fingertips!!! Make your money back ten fold with one wedding cake sale!!! Save a ton of money if you DIY your own or WOW your family and friends with your new skills !!

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As a package you save $14.00 

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Not Convinced? 

Take a browse down this page and read all of the wonderful things my cake customers are saying and check out their creations with rave reviews about the recipes. 

Featured Testimonial 

bride and groom cutting the wedding cake

~Sylvia Mosca UK Nov 2016~

"Hi Lorelei, Just want to say thanks for the White Wedding Cake recipe (especially for the metric conversions!). I made a 5-tiered naked wedding cake using Italian Meringue Buttercream (which I use ALL the time) which was a hit! I now use the variation when making the IMB - i.e. Adding some sugar in the meringue and increasing the temperature of the sugar syrup. Works like a charm and holds its texture well. I now use the WWW for all my vanilla cake recipes. I couldn't understand why my cakes were heavy when I used recipes from the USA (I'm Australian) until I realised that your cup and spoon measurements were different to ours (hence why I was thrilled that you included grams in your recipes). Thanks for doing that. Love your cakes and your books! Thank you!"

Here's what Dilys Marais said after following the steps in the book...

"I would not have had the confidence to do this had I not read your e-book Lorelie Thank you "

First Wedding cake by Dilys Marais

"This is my first three tier wedding cake. It is Lorelie's superb carrot cake with pineapple and coconut mousse filling with a white chocolate ganache crumb coat and fondant. The  edible lace is sugar veil that I dusted with pearl powder.  The pearls around the layers are hand made and the roses and leaves on the top tier are sugarpaste from scratch."

~Dilys Marais~ 
Western Cape, South Africa

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Read what Gail has to say about Wedding Cakes With Lorelie 

"I would not have done them without your words of wisdom. Thank you xo"

Gails Wedding Cakes

"Hi Lorelie, I just want to thank you! After reading your book, several times, I took the plunge and accepted the task of doing a wedding cake, in fact two orders came along! Normally I would have passed on it but I did them. They were a complete success and I now have orders for two more."

~Gail Knapton~

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Make Your Own Wedding Cakes With A Simple Step-by-Step Process

e-Books & Video by Lorelie$34.99

Not Sure About Ordering Digital Products?  Read This...

Pamela and Santanic weren't sure either but after downloading "Wedding Cakes With Lorelie" they said this.....

"I Love it!  It is easy to navigate and worth every bit the cost.  Thank you."
~Pamela Pickett~

"I downloaded your e-book a few days ago and I have to tell you that you did a great job on it. Everything is clear and the book is well illustrated with instructive steps-by-steps. I love it, I love it........Thank you very much."


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There are more :-)

The luscious recipes in my e-book are the same exact ones that I have been using for 30 years with RAVE reviews every time :-) Here is what Tammy and Katharine had to say about them...

 "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I've tried many of your recipes from the book & every one of them are so delicious"

Wedding Cake By Tammy Robinson

The most recent was the coconut cake w/ cream cheese icing, oh my goodness!!  Rave reviews from everyone!  

I truly appreciate your generosity in sharing. I spent a year trying to find the perfect recipes for a variety of flavors for my little side cake business, now I only use your recipes & I know the cakes will be delicious."

~Tammy Robinson~
"Sweet Celebrations"

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Another Happy Customer

"Brilliant Recipes Lorelie! I used your Italian meringue buttercream with white chocolate whipped in for the frosting and for some decorations, and chocolate mousse for the filling"

Wedding Cake By Katharine Stanfield

BTW, the recipe for the chocolate mousse for the wedding cake made me enough to fill a 14, 12, 10 and 6 with left over and that was with a generous 1/2 inch layer. This made me very, very happy!!"

~Katharine Stanfield~

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Are you a do it yourself bride?

The Step-by-Step approach in my e-book is so clear and concise that even someone who has never baked a cake can follow the directions with success. Here is what Vanessa had to say about her DIY wedding cake....

"I was married last Saturday and made my own wedding cake by following Wedding-Cakes-For-You's steps and recipes. I made a two-tiered cake"

It was a success!!! Everybody loved my cake. My favorite and my husband's favorite was the carrot cake, it truly is "the best"! So, follow Lorelie's advice, take the chance of trying out the recipes. It's amazing how they all work!

Diy Brides at Wedding Cakes For YouDiy Brides at Wedding Cakes For You

Thank you so much for your dedication on making the step-by-step explanations. I am a Venezuelan living in Chili, my husband is Chilean and we met in France. We share a lovely story topped with the adventure of making our own wedding cake, he helped me all the way through! Thank you for making this experience possible!"


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…More Praise for
"Wedding Cakes With Lorelie Step-by-Step" 

"My cakes have never looked so smooth."

"I made my first wedding cake with the help of your e-Books Lorelie Carvey. I used your vanilla cake...and chocolate ganache (everyone loves it) My cakes have never looked so smooth. 

Thank god for your cake support group... I feel much more confident now doing a wedding cake."

~Yousra Said~

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I Survived :-)

"I am so happy to tell you I survived my first cake with many thanks to you"

"There is still so much to learn but I feel that I am on my way. The event was the girls and women's sailing regatta sponsored by the Volvo ocean racer SAE. the theme was sail strong, sail pink" 

 "Many many thanks for being a helpful voice out there in my scary cake building moments"

Warm Regards ~Joelle~

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My Wedding Cake Angel

Your book, your instructions, your tips, just everything you offered helped me pull this off " 

"It wasn't perfect, but it was delicious. I used carrot cake, best white, and best chocolate (divine) recipes. I made a raspberry buttercream by boiling 5 bags of frozen raspberries until they floated and then strained to a juice that I reduced down to one cup of "syrup" and added it to the American was to die for!"

"I iced and assembled the cake out here (the Hamptons) and two strong men loaded it in the back of a station wagon to drive it from the Inn to the wedding. About five blocks. It made it. The bride cried when she saw it and people couldn't believe I had done it. It was a home grown wedding on the water and I brought the "home grown" cake! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You were my wedding cake angel. I am attaching a's kinda messy and kinda lopsided, but hey! Not bad for my first wedding cake.

Be well, enjoy your summer!"


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And More Sweet Testimonials

"By the way we are making good use of the e-Book, Wedding Cakes With Lorelie Step-by-Step, that we bought from you!"

Fondant wedding cake

"Just wanted to let you know that I have progressed so well and that we are making very nice cakes.  The only challenge we have is marketing our products.  Here is an example of one of our wedding cakes. By the way we are making good use of the e-Books that we bought from you! Thank you very much".

~Rebecca Kgosi  (Botswana)~ 

Magnificent Recipes - My Customers Are Raving

"I purchased your e-Books and baking has become a pleasure since then". 

rustic wedding cake with fresh lavendar

"Your recipes are the best ever and my customers are raving about my cakes. Thank you for sharing your MAGNIFICENT recipes with us. I have been decorating cakes now for 5 years and just received my first wedding cake order. You are a stunning person sharing and helping so much".

Kind Regards ~Marlene Cunliff (South Africa)~

The Best Chocolate Cake They Had Ever Tasted

"I scoured the internet for the perfect chocolate cake and found yours Lorelie"

first wedding cake

"My Godson's fiance asked if I would make their wedding cake. I agreed as it was a huge honour to be asked but I was terrified as this was my first wedding cake. I scoured the internet for the perfect chocolate cake recipe and found yours Lorelie. 

I purchased your online e-books and used your chocolate cake recipe. The letters  were made ahead of time which was a good idea as they took ages. As the day approached I made the cakes, ganached and filled all of them with dark chocolate ganache and then iced with ivory Massa Ticino (fondant) and applied all the dragees by hand-which took me 8 hours.

I didn't realize it would take that long and I worked all through the night finishing the cake at 5:00 am on the morning of the wedding. It was delivered to the venue and put together by 9:00 am. Rushed home, had one hour sleep, got ready, and went to the wedding. Everyone that tasted it said it was the best chocolate cake they had ever tasted. So thank you VERY MUCH LORELIE for this amazing recipe". 

~Caterina (London, United Kingdom)

From The Cake Stackers Team and More...

"We LOVE the pictures. They help to make it easy to follow and learn the process of how to make your own wedding cake. Having the recipes is so helpful. Your directions are clear and it is very upbeat. The chapter layout is coherent so a person can look up just what they might need. We appreciate you giving little tips throughout the book as well."

~The Cake Stackers Team~

"WOW! Incredible book I love it. Your book helped me a lot as I have a lot of questions about cakes. I read the book and you answered all my questions. I really appreciate all your tips and the recipes. They are so helpful. I'm so happy with the book. Incredible thank you."

~Leslie De Leon~

Order your copy of "Wedding Cakes With Lorelie Step-by-Step"  to create delicious and delightful wedding cakes

"What an amazing e book. Thank you. I downloaded it and find it so absorbing"

There is so much detail. You make everything about a wedding cake seem so easy. I am taking my time going through each chapter and feel my toes curl with excitement!"
~Frangipane, South Africa~

Lorelie's e-Books & Video Package$34.99
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A final word from Lorelie …

Cakes Awaiting DecorationCakes Awaiting Decoration

During the first few years of working in the pastry business I learned from many mentors who shared their experiences with me. With all kinds of situations and a few mishaps along the way, the School of Hard Knocks wasn't easy at times, but it did pay off in the end.

Now you can benefit from those years. I am sharing it all with you in my e-Books and Video guides to making wedding cakes.

I am so sure that you will be happy with your purchase that I am offering a 30 day money back guarantee. You may contact me anytime with questions about the e-books or video or if you would like to learn more about me go to about Lorelie


Make Your Own Wedding Cake :-)

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