Filling and freezing cakes

by Ashley

Hi! I have been making cakes for a couple years now but I am too afraid to freeze them - although I would love to and know it would save me a lot of time! I'm afraid I will do something wrong or they will be soggy after they thaw. I have so many questions and concerns;

Hi Ashley, I freeze all of my cakes successfully. I will answer your questions one by one here for you and then you can check out the posts at the bottom of this page.

Question: Do I fill and layer before I freeze?

Answer: It is difficult to cut into a frozen cake, so get the cakes very cold and then slice, fill, wrap very well, and freeze.

Question: Do I thaw at room temp. or do I thaw in the fridge?

Answer: Thaw them in the fridge after you have crumb coated them. See answer below about crumb coating.

Question: Do I wait until completely thaw to crumb coat??

Answer: Crumb coat your cakes while they are frozen. This will help to keep the cakes fresh and are so much easier to work with. Plus you can trim them if needed while they are super cold.

I'm sure these questions have been answered but I'm having a hard time understanding exactly what to do.

Here are a few good posts for you to read on this site from other people with similar questions.

Can I frost a frozen cake

What is the process of putting together a 3 tiered cake?

This may sound silly but can you give me the "step by step" from oven to your decorating table...? Thanks so much!

Thank you Ashley-I think you just gave me the title to the e book that I am working on. Do you mind if I use that title? I think it's perfect.

Wedding Cakes-Step By Step From Oven To Decorating Table


Hi Ashley, here is a video that may help you as well on frosting and filling a small wedding cake.

When I do wedding cakes I do two layers of cake and one layer of filling as you will see in the video. This way there is no cutting of layers involved and the cakes are more stable.

You can cut the layers and make four layers of cake with three layers of filling if you want to.

by: Ashley

Thanks for your help! And of course you can use the title :)

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Nov 18, 2012
Frozen cakes: filled, frosted & covered with fondant
by: Wilma

I made a 4tier double layer wedding cake for the first time. I am amateur in baking. I am worried how the cake turned out after i did the following:

..filled and frosted FROZEN cakes
...put it back in the fridge for couple of hours NOT overnight
...and covered it with fondant
...then put the fondant covered cakes in the fridge

4inch filled and iced in choco ganache
6inch filled with french vanilla pudding and frosted with swiss meringue buttercream
8inch filled with choco fudge pudding and frosted with choco fudge that stayed soft even when refrigerated
10inch filled and frosted with cream cheese

When cake was delivered i noticed fondant got wrinkles. That started to worry me so i searched and saw this site.

What could have happened to the cakes when sliced? Will it remained frozen (see the steps i did above)?

Hi Wilma,

Some of the fillings you used may be a little too soft for this type of cake.

I don't usually recommend refrigerating the cakes after the fondant is applied. The fondant can break down in the refrigerator and when you remove them from the cool to warmer air.

Fondant stretches too, so maybe that is why they crinkled a little. I hope ultimately that your cake made it through the reception and that the bride and groom were happy.

Ganache is a good filling and buttercreams too. Puddings are not a good choice in general for wedding cakes as they tend to leak through.

Hope that helps

Jan 26, 2014
Birthday Cake
by: Andrea B

Hello! I am glad I found your site. I am having a birthday cake disaster and of course it is my sons FIRST birthday! I picked up the cake yesterday from the bakery and the party was supposed to be today. Unfortunately, we are under a snow emergency and blizzard conditions for the next to days. My hubby and I decided to move party til next weekend. The cake has buttercream frosting and a raspberry filling. I have read in other sights to not freeze cakes with fruit filling because it will make cake soggy. I need an experts opinion. I really don't want to have to go buy another cake or even worse defrost my cake and have it ruined then have to go buy a cake from Walmart!! No!!!!!!! Please help!

Jan 26, 2014
No Problem
by: Lorelie

Hi Andrea, You can wrap your cake and freeze it for a week with no problems. I freeze cakes with raspberry fillings without issues. If the raspberries are fresh when put into the layers they will freeze up pretty solid and will need a good amount of time to thaw. I would remove the cake the night before and place it in the fridge overnight. Just before your party starts you can remove the cake and let it sit out at room temperature for a few hours. If the filling is more like a jam then this will be ok too. I hope that helps. :-)

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Freezing Cakes With Chocolate Ganache Icing

by Gina
(Salisbury, UK)

I've read your excellent advice for freezing cakes, but have one more question. I'm going to crumb-coat my chocolate cakes with a ganache made with fresh cream and chocolate. Is this okay to freeze because some websites only recommend butter cream?
Many thanks.

Hi Gina, Freezing cakes with chocolate ganache icing as a crumb coat should not be a problem. Are you doing the final coat in ganache? You may have to rough up the surface of the crumb coat before frosting with a second coat. Hope that helps you out.


Storing a cake
by: Anonymous

I have gotten the date wrong for a very detailed cake! I have made it a week too soon. I so do not want to have to redo this cake. Is there any way to store this cake for a week and it still look and taste fresh and just made the date needed? If so, how? Please help!

I would say freeze it then wrap it as well as you can without ruining the decoration, or better yet box it, seal it with plastic and tape.

Take your cake out a day in advance and open the box up to let it breath. Any condensation should dissipate. Good luck to you. Please let me know how it goes and I will ask around on my Facebook and Linked in groups etc to see if someone has a better solution for you.


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Freezing cake with filling

by Cathy
(Salem, OR)

Hi :)
I like your tutorial on how you refreeze your cakes after the crumb coat. If I have a fruit filling like lemon in my cake layers will it freeze and defrost safely if I do that??

Hi Cathy, Thank you, I'm so glad that my tutorials are helping. The answer to your question is yes your lemon or fruit filling can be safely frozen. The only caution I can think of is with fresh raspberries. When you freeze and thaw them they tend to breakdown and get juicey.

To make sure that they do not seep through the sides or into your cake, use a firm filling such as a buttercream or my chocolate mousse recipe along with them and bury them within the filling. Be extra cautious and use a dam of buttercream if you use the chocolate mousse filling. Also be aware that frozen fruit may take a while longer to thaw.

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Frozen cakes

by Madeline
(Taunton, Mass United States)

Hi Lorelie,
I'm making a 1/2 sheet cake that's due on Friday at 5pm. It's a 3 layer 3 different flavors and 2 different types of fillings. I baked ahead and freeze for the first time. I will be making the filling on Wednesday evening. My question is how long before Friday should I take the cakes out of the freezer to thaw? They don't actually feel frozen to the touch. I want to allowed enough time for filling, crumb coat and icing and decorations but still want my cake to feel fresh on Friday afternoon. It will be buttercream icing, transfer and borders with fondant details.
Thank you so much for all your help!!

Hi Madeline I would fill and crumb coat those today (Thursday). Put them in the refrigerator overnight to thaw. Then spend Friday decorating them. Once the fondant is on the cake you will need to keep them unrefrigerated. Hope that answers your frozen cakes question.

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What is the best way to wrap cakes for freezing?

by Barbara

What is the best way to wrap each layer of cake for freezing - will be making a wedding cake, so any tips would be appreciated.

Hi Barbara, I have always used layers of plastic wrap and then a plastic bag over that, squeezing out as much air as possible.

Another trick I use to keep the cakes moist is to fill and crumb coat the cakes after they get real cold then re wrap and put them back into the freezer until a day or two before the final frosting and cake decorating.
Hope that helps. We would love to see a picture and a story about your wedding cake. You can submit one on the same form that you used to ask the questions.
Thanks so much for visiting!

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Refrigerating Cakes

by Larry M
(Brooklyn NY USA)

I understand the Cream Cheese recipes need to be refrigerated - I was wondering about all the icings / Frostings / Cakes that contain Milk / Buttermilk / Milk Substitutes - Do they need to be refrigerated ? I mean after their served and there is left over.

I love your freezing tutorial prior to frosting and presenting GREAT !!!

Hi Larry, Thanks so much. You can safely leave out a leftover cake for a day or two well wrapped depending on the filling and frosting. The cakes once baked are safe because the milk and eggs are cooked. I would be more careful with a cream cheese filling or frosting, The buttercreams are safer. But generally I would not leave a cake out longer than that. I hope that helps you out. Thanks for visiting and asking a great question about refrigerating cakes. I put link to the freezing tutorial that I believe you are talking about. I have a few of them. If it is a different one please let me know. Thanks

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July wedding, can I bake and freeze now?

by madeitwithlove

Hi Lorelie

Can I bake and freeze chocolate cake now, June 16th, for a wedding on July 16? It's your chocolate cake with buttermilk recipe.

Also can I fill it with ganache or has that got to wait until decoration time? I'll be double covering with rolled fondant but it will have a thin layer of butter cream first. I'm a bit concerned the moisture will affect the rolled fondant once the cake starts defrosting. I wouldn't want an almighty mess. Many thanks.

with my best wishes

Hi Roshan, Yes you can do all of that. Fill it with the ganache and freeze. Just make sure that you wrap it VERY well. With lots of layers and a plastic bag too. Wait on the fondant though as you probably know. Do that at he last possible moment. I have never had a moisture issue with that cake.

Hope this helps. and good luck. Let me know how it turn out.


Thank you
by: madeitwithlove

Thanks for your help Lorelie, will let you how it all turns out.Best wishes xx

Your welcome. can't wait to hear all about it. Thanks :-)
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Apr 07, 2013
Remove plastic before defrosting?
by: Kendall


Wondering if you are able to help me please.

I have filled, crumb coated & frozen a cake.
It is wrapped in several layers of plastic.

When i defrost it in the fridge do i remove the plastic wrap first? or wait til it is defrosted to do that?

I am wanting to do a final layer of buttercream then marshmellow fondant on top of that.

Thank you

May 06, 2013
thawing cakes
by: Lorelie

Hi Kendall, Thaw your cakes in the plastic wrap. I'm sorry I didn't see this question earlier.

Jul 11, 2014
by: Deb

Oh my goodness, where have you been all my caking years :)lol I have always baked and than freeze my cakes to lock in the moisture, but never consider freezing with the fill and crumb coat on the cake..this would be such a great saving of time. Quick question do you freeze them first like I do, then take out to fill and crumb coat before they defrost? or, do I just need to bake..let cool down..fill and then freeze? working on a two wedding cakes orders this weekend for the following weekend. Thanks for all your tips. I look forward to purchasing what appears to be a great book in the very near future. Thanks again.

Jul 19, 2014
Either way
by: Lorelie

Hi Deb, LoL Thanks :-) You can do it either way. It depends on the situation though. I usually at least get them real cold before filling and crumb coating, because they are much easier to handle. Good luck with your upcoming cakes.

Dec 22, 2015
by: Anonymous

How long after you frost a cake before you can put the fondant on?

Dec 22, 2015
by: Lorelie

You can put the fondant on right away or wait a few hours or a day.

Mar 25, 2016
Freezing smb
by: Anonymous

Just wondering if i can freeze a cake filled with swiss meringue buttercream? Will it turn all curdly when it thaws?

Apr 05, 2016
SMB answer
by: Lorelie

Yes you can freeze a cake with SMB. It will not cause it to curdle when thawed.

Jun 24, 2016
Can I freeze a cake with specific fillings?
by: Anonymous

I am making a wedding cake for a friend, but need to make it in advance and freeze because her wedding is a few days before my due date. I am wondering if it is possible to freeze a cake with raspberry mousse in it? Will it become watery after it defrosts? How about a cake filled with a cream cheese whipped filling(Cream cheese, vanilla, and heavy cream or cool whip). Thanks!!

A: Sorry I am just seeing this post and I hope I am not too late to answer your question. Yes you can freeze the cake successfully with a Raspberry mousse and most likely the cream cheese, whipped cream one as well. I freeze chocolate mousse filled cakes with no issue and it contains whipped cream. Wrap your cakes really well. Good luck and congratulations :-)

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