10 yr Birthday Cake.

by Kimmy NZ
(New Zealand.)

If only the little girl who got this cake, knew how long her Mum and me had talked about her. I even met up with her, where she works. The shop has a toy department so we would have a chat about a toy she likes and I would go look at it. She really, really wanted a doll for her birthday but her Mum thought it was too dark and Goth for a 10 Year Old and I have to agree. So that didn’t make the cake grade either.

We did keep getting back to the fact that she loves art and her Mum is an artist. We agreed on the art theme but I wanted to push the design and think of something different. I was watching “Amazing Cakes” on TV and they made an open box, suspended in the air with heart candy spilling out all over the cake. I know this is a bit of a leap from that cake to this one. Their cake had lots of plumbing pipe and wooden supports – I used the strongest wire I could find and a plastic straw!

Cake Decorating Tips

I just loved the illusion of the candy heart cake and I was itching to get the same in my small way. If you try this idea, make sure the fondant on the wire is not too big. This paint tube is about 3 ½ inches long and it was heavy. If you wanted to make…….say a tomato sauce bottle over a juicy egg and bacon sandwich. It would have to be a small scale, for life-size I think you would be in the world of crispy treats and a wooden dowel. Oh, and you would need to post it here because I would really love to see it done!!!

I have a new toy, an extruder and it’s AMAZING! The paint bow was made with it. I made lots of loops and placed them on paper to dry then I made tear drops and left them to dry. I started by placing the wire into the cake (inside a straw) then built the bow around it with all the dry loops and tears. The one pink snake of paint coming from the pink tube was also made in advance and dried. I placed it over my small rolling pin overnight.

I wouldn’t say this is a hard cake to make but my only tip would be – MAKE SURE everything is hard and dry. If that paint tube was at all soft it would not work. Have fun and don’t forget to post if you do it yourself. I would love to see someone go bigger and let us know how you got on.

Lorelie's Response Kimmy thank you again for another great idea for a cake that a budding artist would appreciate. Is this extruder a cake decorating tool? Is there any way you could send a closer up picture of this so we can see more details? Or a larger file. You can go up to 800 pixels wide.

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