A Beginner's Tale.

by Lexy
(South Africa)

My 2nd born's 2nd birthday

My 2nd born's 2nd birthday

I have never been a person who was interested in baking, and in fact I had been totally unaware of all the wondrous things one could accomplish in this area.

After I had my first baby (at only 17) my grandmother bought her a stunning 1st birthday cake from an old friend of hers, which had 12 pretty little princesses dancing on top of the cake. I looked at it and thought "WOW, I'd obviously never be able to do that."

I loved it so much. As time went by, my mom gave me an 8 minute microwave cake recipe. This is definitely what sparked my interest as baking suddenly became easy. From there, I simply wasn't satisfied with a plain old microwave cake, and I started looking for new ideas.

So to cut a long story short, I enlisted in the University of YouTube and never looked back. I now have: 3 little munchkins, 2 brothers, a husband, parents, in-laws etc. - A.K.A about 15 excuses a year to come up with a masterpiece. I still consider myself very much a beginner but I think I am making quite good progress.

I'd like to share with you my progress. The castle cake I made from a tutorial by Ann Reardon from How To Cook That, but I chose cake and buttercream recipes from Cakes with Lorelie and substituted the vanilla in both recipes for strawberry essence as that was what our princess requested for her birthday. The others were all creations out of my head with a few ideas from Google.

Thank You

Thank you Lexy for a truly inspirational story. You have come a long way from the microwave baking. LOL I'm glad to know that my website and recipes came in handy for you. I love hearing about people who discover Wedding Cakes For You. Google has been good to me :-) It is pretty wonderful what can be done with flour, eggs, butter and so on. I'm sure that my readers will find your story fascinating as well.

YouTube is fantastic and you can obviously learn quite a bit there. Here is the link to Wedding Cakes For You YouTube channel I upload a new video every week now. If you're not yet a subscriber please do and let your friends know too. It's become my favorite way to help others learn about baking and cake decorating and of course wedding cakes.

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