Cake covered in sugar crystals

by Kathryn

I am hoping you could help with a problem I have.

I offered to make my daughters wedding cake. I have never made a wedding cake but I can bake! I have made 2 trial cakes so far. I have the recipe for the cake part down (it's delicious!)

I plan to make a basic 3 tiered (10, 8, 6) cake with butter cream frosting that I purchased commercially.

My question is this...I am attaching the picture my daughter fell in love with and while it is simple (which is the only reason I offered!) I am finding attaching the sugar crystals more difficult than I realized. Are these a special kind/size of crystal?

I would not only like to get them to adhere to the frosting, but to still look pretty and sparkly. Do you have any suggestions? Obviously, the most difficult part is the sides.

Can I finish the decorating the day before and put it in a refrigerator? Will that cause any condensation or problems when it is taken out and put on the cake table?

I'll probably regret offering to do this but she really wants me to so I hope all goes well.
Thank you for your help!

Oh, yeah...the wedding is July 21 and the reception is outside in the evening. (Yeah, I's gonna be hot.)

Hi Kathryn, Try Wilton Sparkling Sugars and or Cake Sparkles for your cake covered in sugar crystals. You will either have to hold the cakes individually in your hand while coating the cake with the crystals, much like
if you were decorating the sides with crumbs. Or as you turn the cake on a turntable toss the sugar on and let them land randomly.

I prefer the first method as it will coat it nice and thick. the buttercream icing has to be soft enough to hold the crystals, but not so soft that the crystals get lost in the frosting. You will need a lot of this product to coat the cakes. They come in small jars, so be prepared to spend a bit on them.

Be cautious with refrigerating the cakes once the crystals are on. Experiment with a cupcake or something to be sure that the condensation will not ruin the sparkles etc. Yes there can be condensation formed on your cakes if it is especially hot or humid. So you may want to opt to keep the cake once decorated in a box covered and in a cool room or basement instead of a cold refrigerator. Your cakes will be fine if you are using buttercream filling.

You may feel like you are regretting it while you are in the process, but in the end, if all turns out well, and it will :-) you will be VERY proud and happy that you took on this challenge.

Please share a photo and your cake story once it is over. I would love to see and hear all about it and so would all of the visitors who come here to find ideas and get advice.

Thank you and the best of luck to you and your daughter.

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Jul 24, 2012
sugar crystals
by: colleen

I use them on all of my cakes. They add such a nice 'glow' and I do it right at the very end before boxing it up.

Jul 31, 2012
End product
by: Kathryn

Well, the wedding was wonderful! A beautiful day, everything was great! My daughter said it was her dream come true can't ask for more than that!
I did make the cake, adhering the sugar crystals as you recommended in your first suggestion, by layer, by hand as I turned each layer. I did not use Wilton sugar crystals...I used sugar crystals that I bought at an Asian comes in larger quantities than the Wilton bottles. I thought I would need a lot! It worked really well and I was happy with the final product.
It did not look like a professional cake but it was pretty and my daughter was happy with it. It got quite warm so the perfectly smooth sides got a little melty looking by the time it was cut. I got MANY compliments on how delicious it was and that was great!
I would not probably undertake this project if I had to do it over only because the time I spent working on the cake that day, I could have been spending time with my beautiful bride daughter.
Thank you for your suggestions and help...I spent a lot of time reading tips on this site!
God bless,

Aug 05, 2012
Congratulations Kathryn
by: Lorelie

I'm sure the cake was gorgeous and thank you for adding the tip on getting the sugar crystals in larger amounts at the Asian market. Congratulations to you and your daughter!!! You making her cake was a VERY special gift.

Apr 15, 2017
Wedding cake
by: leona

How much of the sugar crystal do you need for a three part wedding cake ?

Apr 16, 2017
Amount of Crystals
by: Kathryn

I bought the sugar crystals at an asian market in a bag...probably 6-8 oz. I'd guess 2 of the bags should cover a 3 tiered cake. They're not very more if you feel like you want to be sure.

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