Cakes For Girls

by Marisel Medina
(Kissimmee, fl USA)



A Tinkerbell Cake

I love how cute this cake turned out. I found a great pic in bright colors of Tinker bell. I don't have a printer that makes edible pictures so I found a place in Orlando that makes them.

I was very pleased and couldn't wait to see how it was going to look. I made all the flowers ahead of time. The cake was a Confetti flavor with strawberry filling and the cupcakes were the same. Buttercream frosting adorned the tops and edible glitter. I love the glitter because it gave a whimsical glittery look.

If you don't have a place near you that can print edible pictures you can always trace the outline on rice paper, place it on the cake and fill it in with colored icing. TIPWhen looking for a picture just make sure it not a copyrighted because some places won't be able to make the copy for you. It happenned to me once and it was the worse feeling ever.

They are very easy and convenient if you don't like to draw or take so much time in making one.

Castle Cake For My Little Princess

Of course I love this one. This was my daughters 7th birthday. This cake is a rum guava. Very delicious. Pink fondant and buttercream frosting. I bought the Wilton castle parts.

Very easy to put together but you have to make sure you place right the first try because they tend to move. I placed a stick in middle top ones and it seem to work. The cones I frost them and then glittered them I made dozens of flowers .

For the base I covered with a grass scenery of grass plastic for easy cleansing. I frost the hole the edge with butter cream and added blue coloring and with a brush swirled to give water effect for the middle I added frosting and made brick road with gumpaste and used green frosting for grass effects. I also made rocks an edible trees which was gumpaste and marshmallow . The charcathers my daughter has been collecting them since she was 1 yrs old.

Cosmetic Bag and Makeup For A Friend

This cake was made for a very special friend. I am a cosmetologist at Disney but my passion is making cakes so One of my co worker was celebrating her 22nd birthday, so I made her a cosmetic bag. The cake is chocolate and everything is edible made with fondant and gum paste

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