Diva Shoe Cake

by Marisel Medina
(Kissimmee fl USA)

Diva Design for a 40th Birthday

Diva Design for a 40th Birthday

This Diva Shoe cake was for my sister in laws 40th birthday. She's a Betty Boop fan so I used the colors that Betty always has, which are red, white and black.

Research ideas

I don't know about everyone else but when I make a cake I do research to give me ideas. I don't like to copy, I just get my creativity by looking online and seeing what others are doing.

Shoe Cake Mold Challenge

I had never made shoes before. I couldn't buy the mold because it was way to expensive. So I decided to make my own, and trust me it wasn't easy. I did find a mold on the Internet which had all three pieces but did not want to print so I traced it on the screen it was perfect.

The stand for the shoe was made with card board which I'm going to perfect later on. I cut the cardboard and glued it together then wrapped it with clear wrap so it wouldn't get stuck for the heel of the shoe I just molded. I took one of my shoes and measured it to make the mold. Once the shoe is done drying, you can airbrush and let it dry again, then glue together with egg white or royal icing.

Tropical Flavors and Made From Scratch

The flavor was vanilla Spanish sponge cake with guava filling in the top layer and fresh pineapple filling for the bottom layer. I don't know if everyone feels the same but I love to make my filling form scratch. Well it least most of them.

Cake Decorating Supplies

The number 40 and the stars are made with gumpaste. I make them ahead of time and once dried you can airbrush them. The feathers and ribbon of rhinestones are the only thing that is not edible. The rhinestones ribbon and feather you can find at your local craft store or Micheal's. They are very affordable. The letters on the board and the martini where made by a Wilton mold except for the martini which was made by hand and then painted. The shoes need some work, i admit.

Your Ideas On Fondant Shoes For Cakes

I'm a perfectionist and I love to learn. If there a better way to do it please anyone reading this, let me know. Or if you would like to know more about my work please feel free to email me and I would gladly answer any of your question.

Contact Marisel

My email is mitsu1709@yahoo.com. Hope you enjoy this cake it's one of my favorites. I really enjoyed making it.

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