Fairy Tales Do Come True

by Jason Peters and Mimi Peters
(Los Angeles)

Fairy House Cake

Fairy House Cake


If there is one thing I love to do in life, it's to try new challenges any time an opportunity presents itself, which seems to happen often here in Los Angeles. Having a background as an Artist, and being a Musician I seem to be intertwined in the arts world. My wife on the the other hand is just as creative and talented as I am, coming from a background as a Pharmacist and picking up her own creativity here and there she has created her own path to be a professional photographer on the side. So i guess what I am trying to say is, we make one awesome cake team.

Discovering the Best Cake Recipes

It all started when my wife told me that we had to have an amazing cake for our baby shower, since it was our first and all, it had to be spectacular cake. So after plenty of searching, one of the best sites I came across for baking cakes from scratch was of course Wedding Cakes For You. I have tried several recipes from all different sites but nothing seemed to be anywhere near as quality tasting and moist as Lorelie’s Cakes.

Tiny Idea Big Results

So what started out as just a tiny little idea to save some money on the side from all the cakes we would need over the years for our child’s birthday, turned out to be something more. The cakes not only tasted good but looked good. And we started to just enjoy making cakes so much it turned into a habit of cake making for holidays and family events. Soon enough everyone would be excited to see what type of crazy themed cake we would bring to the next event, and all of a sudden we were being contacted here and there to make cakes for other peoples parties and events.

We may have been able to bake a cake and put the fondant on no problem, but we have learned many things in a short time baking, the cake in the photo of the fairy tale house on a tree stump is just an example of the types of cakes we like to make. I hope you enjoy the photo and it brings you a little piece of happiness even if you can’t taste it :) This fairy birthday cake was designed for my sister in laws daughter who just turned 3 years old .

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Oct 28, 2015
I LOve Your Woodland Fairy Cake
by: Lorelie

Thank you Jason I am so grateful for your Fairy Cake Entry. You and your wife created a stunner. It has already garnered attention on "Cakes With Lorelie's" Facebook page. People are admiring it and want to know how you did it.

P.S.and I love the green velvet cake crumbles idea for the moss.
Thanks for sharing Jason and Mimi :-)

Jun 21, 2016
Wishing I was three1
by: Susan Turner

Brings back memories of making fairy woodlands in our garden with my children. This cake is so beautiful such a shame to eat it! love the crazy curves, a real show stopper. Well Done!

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