First Birthday Cake

by Kimmy NZ
(New Zealand.)

Teddies and Twins.

Teddies and Twins.

This first birthday cake was a really simple design for twin’s first Birthday. I had to get a good mix of girl and boy in the design, without one outdoing the other.

The Mum ordered the cake but I wondered about two 1 year olds being held up to blow out the candles and had a brain wave. I gave Mum a call and suggested the baby cakes idea and she liked it. I did get to see photo’s after and noticed that each child got their own little cake to destroy and have lots of yummy fun with. Very cute!

I had never made baby cakes before and I have to admit – they are a pain to crumb coat and cover. They are quite light and I ended up chasing them around. Wouldn’t stay put on my turn table and even putting a blob of buttercream on the baby board, didn’t make the cake stick. I really found them hard to handle.

I made the teddies a week before and the wired hearts and stars. I rolled all the fondant balls for around the big cake but used a silicone mold for the baby cakes. I also added a bit of blush (pink petal dust) to the teddies. Not something I had done before but it makes teddy look very cute and even cuddlier.

Anyone could make this cake – it would be a good first try cake. However, don’t underestimate the time it takes to cut out shapes and rolls balls. Rolling and cutting ribbon and adding the wiggly stripes all take a lot of time.

That said – it’s not rocket science. Cutting out flowers for a girl or ladies cake or maybe circles and spots for a boy or man’s cake is always easy, fun and affective. The only downfall would be, using too much glue.

Cake Decorating Tip I watched on a tutorial for sticking stuff on cakes – Water or glue means IT STICKS! And it’s harder to move around. Veg shortening gives you a little bit of wiggle and lift if you get it completely wrong. I didn’t do it here but I do with really complicated cut out shapes.

Lorelie's Response Kimmy once again, a great cake and tip. I love this first birthday cake for the twins. I also know what you mean by chasing the small light cakes around on the turntable.

I find that using a circle of shelf liner helps. it sticks to the turntable and to the cardboard under the cakes just enough to hold it in place while you frost. A damp cloth also works, but be careful that its not too wet or the cardboard circle will start to breakdown. Thank you for adding this adorable design to wedding-cakes-for-you.

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