Fondant and buttercream together!!

by Tina Saito
(Surrey, British Columbia, Canada)

Fondant Decorations On A Buttercream Cake

Fondant Decorations On A Buttercream Cake

Hi Lorelie,

I just have a quick question for you (your advice has always been very helpful!!).

I was looking at decorating a bridal shower cake with a buttercream base and fondant decorations placed directly onto the buttercream. I have had fondant decorations soften and fall limp over night in the past (although it was in the middle of the summer). Is there any tricks to prevent fondant from getting that type of reaction to the buttercream over night?

I would like to remain fresh looking but do need to decorate the day before due to the timeline of my sister-in-law's shower. I would hate to have to redo sections of fondant panels (placed on the side of the cake, leaving the tops of each tier as exposed buttercream) or fondant cut out hearts bending in half.

Thanks again for your help! You have made my past cakes very successful!

Tina Saito

Hi Tina,
Are you refrigerating the cakes? The fondant does not do well in that environment. I have to assume that is what you are doing.

The fondant also could be absorbing some of the moisture from the buttercream.

The best advice is is to wait as long as possible before decorating the cake in fondant. If you must do it the night before than cover the cake lightly in plastic wrap and or place it in a box.

tape the box up so no moisture gets in and store it in a cool dry place, like a basement or the coolest room in the house.

here are couple of posts from others with similar questions that may help as well.

How to bake and decorate in high humidity and
Melting fondant.

I hope that helps you out with your buttercream and fondant dilemma. Thanks for the nice comments too. I'm so happy that you have found this site useful.

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Jan 09, 2012
Fondant and buttercream
by: Michele Oewn

I do this kind of decorating a lot. When making decoration I do them ahead of time. Up to 1-2 months. I let them dry completely, paint them and store in air tight containers. For the cake top I make a plaque out of fondant again ahead of time. I use wafer paper and cut out a disk the size of the plaque and attach it underneath with piping gel. This creates a barrier between the fondant and buttercream. You can also use wax paper. For decorations around the cake you attach a ribbon around each tier and attach the with piping gel. Depending on the size I sometimes attach white or chocolate chips to the underneath of the decorations to create a barrier. I hope this helps. Good luck.

Thanks so much Michelle. Very helpful advice.

Aug 30, 2017
birthday cake&wedding cake
by: Nathan

Can you also use fondant method to decorate birthday cake, because is just as if butter icing is normally for birthday cake and fondant for wedding cake.

Yes you can absolutely use fondant on a birthday cake.

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