Gum Paste Decorations

by Susan Drennan
(Danvers, Mass.)

Gumpaste Peonies.

I started the gumpaste decorations first for this cake about two weeks prior. Gumpaste peonies. First I researched good pictures of what a peony looks like. I already knew but I wanted to have reference in front of me when I started. I also had no peony cutters to work with so I got out my exact o knife and hand cut each petal I did not wire the flowers. There were to be only two and they were only sitting on top of the cake. I put a small ball of gumpaste underneath so they could be placed at a more natural angle.

Gumpaste Leaves

I also researched the leaves and found there are many different types for peonies. I picked one that I had a cutter for, veined them, and wired them. There are 3 leaves to a stem. I also hand painted the leaves and dusted the peony petals at each petal base. I dusted them after they were dry.

I had to follow the invitation design hence the cake design. My only disappointment with my self is with the plaque on the front. I couldn't decide whether I should do it in gumpaste and let it dry then write the words on it or do it like I did using fondant and letting that stick to the cake and then write on it. Once I placed the fondant on as a plaque, it slid down a bit and I couldn't move it up and have it stay. It just kept sliding back down so it is a little uneven.
I could have cut it while it was on the cake to make it even but then I would have had to cut two sides and take a chance on not cutting it very well.

Next time I will make both types of plaques and see what happens. You always learn something more when doing a cake.

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Susan, thank you for adding this gorgeous cake. I love the colors and the peonies are really top notch. Your right about learning something new every time you make a cake. And I thank you for sharing the mistakes as well as the success's, so we can all learn from them.

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