Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

by Michele Owen
(Beachwood, Ohio)

My client requested a Hello Kitty Birthday Cake for her granddaughter's seventh birthday. Having never carved or sculpted a cake before I expressed doubt in doing so. She wouldn't take no for an answer!

First Step Fondant Decorations

My first step was making the fondant decorations; the bow, eyes, and nose. I let them dry and painted with luster dust.

Online Cake Decorating Resources

After doing some research I found a video on how to make the face using a template, pinning it to the cake and cutting around it. I found a template online and enlarged it.


My client had given me a picture of the Hello Kitty her granddaughter wanted. I scanned it to my computer, enlarged it, and voila I had a template for the body! I decided it would be easier to cut the shape in two parts.

Baking And Carving The Cake

I baked a half sheet cake (chocolate) and froze it. When it came time to carve, holding my breath, I cut the cake in half and made the head and then the body. Keeping the cake cold helped reduce the crumbs.

Frosting And Fondant

I frosted the head and placed it on the cake board angling it like the picture, and covered it with fondant. I proceeded with her body but this time frosted it and covered it in fondant before lining it up below her head. I placed the template over her body and using a gum paste veining tool, made an impression of her ballet dress, hands, and feet. I then attached the decorations with piping gel.

Out Of My Comfort Zone

The last step was to color her dress. I painted it with luster dust mixed with clear vanilla extract. When I stood back and looked at it I couldn't believe I created this.

I will be forever grateful to Maxine for pushing me out of my comfort zone! Her granddaughter Hannah was beside herself when she saw it. This is why I do this.

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Sep 05, 2011
by: Tammy Stewart

Just unbelievable what you can do when you are creative! Beautiful job! You have my vote for sure.

Sep 06, 2011
amazing creation
by: Mary Ann Shamis

Michele made this cake with all of her heart and soul. She is a true artist, extremely creative and talented. It is evident Michele puts a 150% in to her cakes!

Michele has my vote.

Sep 07, 2011
A work of art from the heart
by: Maxine Singer

Again, I want to thank you for giving my granddaughter Hannah the cake of her life. I knew you could do it!!!!

Sep 08, 2011
by: kristi de seve

Beautiful colors and at first glance I thought it was from a cake pan. Excellent work!

Aug 23, 2013
by: Ashley

This looks so good I almost wouldn't want to eat it! Beautiful craft on this.

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