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Marine Cake

by Tacy Riddle
(Osceola IA)

This cake was done for a Marine returning home after 2 years away. I used an actual Marines coin to make the emblem on the hat.

Tracy thank you for submitting your Marine cake to the decorating contest. It's beautiful! Can you tell us a little more about it and how you made it. What flavors etc. We would love to learn more.


great job
by: sarah s
very well done! good job in capturing the importance of the USMC details. I'm sure the family appreciated it!

Very nice!
by: Rachel
If I was a marine I'd be honored to have this ! I salute you!

Semper Fi!
by: Elizabeth
To me this is the most inspiring cake. It has obviously been worked painstakingly and is worthy of the emblem it bears!
Of course I may be a little prejudiced having had two Marines in the family! Semper Fi!!!

More Info
by: Tracy
This was for a welcome home party....the top tier was carrot with baileys cream cheese filling, the center was champagne with champagne cream cheese filling, and the bottom tier was chocolate with white chocolate raspberry filling. For the most part it was pretty simple to decorate but the eagle on the globe had to be done by hand and let dry for a couple days.

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